Key Members of the Data Dome Team

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Lisa A. Bouchard


Data Dome Inc.

Lisa Bouchard is the president of Data Dome and the leader of the Data Dome training faculty. She is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst who brings over 15 years of experience applying DISC tools to the business world. Her rare ability to relate at all levels of the organization, from the board room to the shop floor, has made her a change agent for clients in the consumer goods, banking, health care, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries. Prior to her consulting work she spent 13 years in sales management giving her a focus on real-world results that is uncommon in the training arena – she knows "where the rubber meets the road".

In addition to her activities as a consultant and trainer, Lisa is a founding board member of Journeys of Solutions, a nonprofit that focuses on infrastructure improvements, health care and educational needs in third world countries. She also enjoys traveling, kayaking, skiing, golfing and climbing mountains.

Lisa is an energetic and dynamic trainer with the ability to lead participants to achieve beyond their current capability. Her focus on instilling confidence in the individual and building trust within teams has led client after client to sustainable business growth.

Lisa A. Bouchard

Sara Cegelski

Training Consultant

Sara Cegelski has a 20+-year track record as a consultant, facilitator, speaker and instructional designer. She has facilitated training programs for numerous clients worldwide in corporate, educational and not-for-profit sectors, focusing on topics related to workplace communications, management and leadership. Sara’s areas of specialization include DISC behavioral style, performance management, supervisory skills, conflict management, customer service, team communications, ethical decision making, leadership development and train-the-trainer. She works closely with each of her clients to understand their culture and organizational objectives and integrates these elements into the training she delivers. Sara’s engaging, high-energy style and ability to relate individually to each participant make her sessions memorable, and her focus on putting participant learning into action ensures that positive change takes place in the organization after training.

In addition, Sara teaches graduate courses in human resource development-related topics at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). She also serves as a consultant for RIT’s Leadership Institute, where she has developed numerous workshops for student leadership certificate programs.

Sara holds a B.S. in Languages (minor in Business) from Georgetown University and an M.S. in International Education and Human Resource Development from George Washington University. She is a certified Professional Development Trainer and has received training in mutual-gain conflict resolution from Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation.

Sara Cegelski

Sandra K. Stigall

Oral Drug Testing Program Director

CorporatePulse Survey Specialist

Processing / Accounts Receivable

Sandra K. Stigall (Sandy) is Director of the Oral Drug Testing Unit and our CorporatePulse Survey Specialist.

Sandy is also the person to ask for if you have questions about orders in progress, invoices, user identification protocols, or assessment report delivery.

Prior to working with us, she was employed by the Department of Justice. She retired in January of 1998 after 23 years of service. Sandy resides in the Nashville, Tennessee area with her husband Terry. She is the mother of two children as well as the proud grandmother of five grandchildren.

Phone: 404-814-0739

Sandra Stigall
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