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Over 19,000 executives, managers and employees have benefited from Data Dome seminars in human behavior, communications and team building.

Both Hewlett-Packard and the BellSouth National Training Centers rated our founder, Art Schoeck's, presentations as "the most popular seminars." Direct responses from seminar attendees are consistently and overwhelmingly positive.

Testimonials for

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Thanks again for an incredible experience! I loved the work and the interaction in the Master DISC Certification class. I see the world (and the people in it) differently and am so excited to begin using this skill at work.

I plan to use this knowledge and the DISC tools for coaching and mentoring for all of our staff.

Karin Eichler
RN, Practice Administrator
Genesee Valley OB/GYN, P.C.
I really enjoyed my DISC Training experience with Data Dome. The training was thorough, detailed and presented in a way that allowed each of us to ask questions, clarify topics and really grasp the information. The training materials are excellent! I also enjoyed the opportunity to speak with Mr. Schoeck about my exam....this added to my knowledge of the nuances of the DISC profile and its application to the real world.

Linda Webb
Personnel Department of Human Resources
State of Maryland
The DISC training through Data Dome was exceptional for three reasons: 1) Data Dome has professional, knowledgeable, committed and caring trainers 2) The delivery process is well-organized and thought-out to drive comprehension and retention of material and 3) The follow-up support is strikingly generous and helpful. I highly recommend Data Dome for DISC training.

David First, Vice President Learning & Development
Suffolk Construction Company
Thank you. You're amazing. April and I agree that we both got so much out of the training and that the knowledge that we will share with the staff at Talbot County Social Services will be so beneficial in advancing the communication within this agency. We are so excited!

Pamela Wilkinson
Personnel Officer
Talbot County Social Services
The training and exam process offered by Data Dome is comprehensive and thorough, teaching participants to dive more deeply into intricacies of behavior instead of lingering on the obvious with regard to behavioral preferences. After becoming certified as a CPBA through Data Dome, trained by Lisa Bouchard and further trained and tested by Art Schoeck, I feel much more capable of using the Advanced DISC in my work with businesses and individuals to help them increase their understanding of their behavior and how it impacts their work and lives, as well as others.

Julie Farschman, PHR, CPC, CPBA
HR Initiatives Inc.
I became interested in Behavioral Assessments as a pivotal building block of my new business and began researching the options. I wanted to learn from the very best instructor and become certified on the very best tool available. There is a broad range of assessment tools available on the market with varying degrees of accuracy. Further there are a broad range of reports and feedback mechanisms to educate my clients on their assessments and they too range in efficacy.

After research and due diligence I selected Data Dome for my education and certification. I was completely satisfied by the professionalism and attention to detail exhibited by Data Dome. The course was engaging, entertaining and filled with functional application. The actual meeting space was comfortable and conducive to discovery and insight.

The most empowering part of the certification process was discovering the commitment Data Dome had to graduates understanding of the material. Not only did I leave secure in the material but with the understanding that I had a highly awarded team of analysts available to coach me as I began to utilize the assessments in my business.

I have gotten feedback from my clients who had actually taken similar assessments in other circumstances and they felt that the thoroughness of the Data Dome reports enhanced the accuracy of the overall assessment.

I would highly recommend the Data Dome Advanced DISC Assessments, their reports, their certification and honor to work with such a dedicated team.


Rachel M Berg
Encore Career Advisors
I had an excellent experience with the Data Dome team when I took a two-day Advanced DISC Assessment Training class in the spring. The instructor, Lisa, made good use of practical examples to help us grasp the DISC concepts and language. The exam process fortified what was taught in class. Art was masterful at sharing analogies that helped with the interpretation of the graphs. He has a genuine interest in enhancing personal and organizational success. Today, thanks to Art, I have incorporated DISC Assessment into my executive search practice and my clients see it as a welcomed value added benefit.

Etheline Desir, President
Desir Group Executive Search
Human Capital Management
Your training on the DISC was great! I've used it for years but you certainly took it to the next level.

Founder & CEO
EAP Works LLC a division of North Pines Center, Inc.
I just wanted to say “thank you” Art for another excellent presentation to my doctoral class in Consultation. The model you provide and the versatility of the possible analyses and applications is a perfect tool for beginning or seasoned consultants. Last semester you provided one of four presentations to my students; this semester, you were the only outside consultant I invited, because sometimes “the best” is more than enough on its own.

Kathleen Connors PhD
Dept. of Community Counseling
Argosy University
"We have been affiliated with Data Dome close to two years and we have been extremely pleased with their products, their level of service and the consultative relationship. We have instituted the DISC tool into one of our leadership programs and it has met with great success. In order to do so, we have DISC-certified over 20 people through Data Dome. While the certification process was quite rigorous, Data Dome worked with us to ensure that each of our trainers had a full understanding of the tool and how to best deliver it in the classroom, including one-on-one review and coaching with the attendees. Subsequently, we have conducted a webinar on advanced topics as a follow up to the certification to continue the ongoing learning of the assessment with our team of trainers. This webinar was invaluable to all that participated."

Nancy Curtin Morris
Sr. Director, Training Delivery Operations
North America
Marriott International
"'To help you understand yourself and others in the workplace.' With that statement in mind, I began using the DISC or Personal Profile as it was called back in April of 1986. As a participant I was amazed not only at the accuracy of the instrument, but also the insight that was provided to help me do exactly what it was designed for... better understand myself and those I work with.

It was 1997 when I was introduced to Art Schoeck and his team at Data Dome. Art brought the DISC and all of its benefits to me in a way that I had not previously understood. Eight years and two companies later, I still use the DISC as a tool to both assess individuals during the interviewing process and once on board as a coaching tool for both the Team Member and the Manager.

Our business relationship with Art and the Data Dome team has been great, we have over 6000 DISC records on our Team Members. Art has conducted training classes for individual departments and our multi-unit managers. Each time we come away better informed, better equipped to communicate, but most importantly better able to understand the uniqueness that each Team Member brings to the workplace.

Through utilizing the DISC we have removed communication barriers, improved efficiency and without a doubt made our Team Members more productive."

Carl T. Blair, Director Training & Education
Tractor Supply Company

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Open communication is the life-line of any work group. Not surprisingly, Team Building is one of Data Dome's most requested seminars. See what our clients had to say about the improvement in team atmosphere after attending a Team Building seminar.

"The Seminar was a tremendous help in increasing sensitivity - as a result, they are now solving issues instead of raising them."

Chris Van Ingen,VP
Hewlett-Packard, Delaware
"I see the profiles as a way to make personal improvements in areas where others see my behavior and I don't. Letting others see my traits helps them work with me better. The profiles are a perfect tool for personal and professional growth, especially since we are merging two distinct cultures."

Jeffrey Shively, Manager of Data Base Support
GTE Mobile Communications
"We have found Data Dome's software to be a valuable tool in helping our managers work more effectively with each other and with their own teams. In addition, the Team Building seminar you conducted was superb. It was well-focused, clear and helped us tremendously. Now my managers not only realize their own strengths and weaknesses, but they also understand how to best communicate with the other members of their teams."

Donald E. Kinser, P.E., President
"We all thought you did an excellent job with our group. The total package is valuable - opening up a new and better way to understand how other people think/feel/act. It gave us insight into the causes of conflict between team members, and a starting point to understand and prevent conflict."

Coca Cola USA Fountain Atlanta
"I was amazed at the degree of accuracy of the behavioral profiles... Everyone thought the profile evaluation was fun. The reports were frank and honest, something that managers have difficulty doing without causing negative feelings from subordinates."

Neil I. Galanti, CPA Galanti & Company, P.C.
"The profiles have provided us insight into communication keys for each individual. We've implemented the program in a low-key manner so people feel comfortable sharing various aspects of their reports. We've found the information to be especially useful in the evaluation process following each assignment. The profiles will also be one of the tools we use in semi-annual reviews and in goal setting."

James A. "Al" Cochran,
Pannell Kerr & Forster
"The seminar you presented was not only a lot of fun, but incredibly informative as well. We certainly gained an understanding of how others react to activities in the work environment and what motivates them. We look forward to using our new knowledge to strengthen our team and to promote stronger relationships with our clients."

James R Hamilton, P.E., President
Southern Civil Engineers, Inc.

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How have the people responsible for the hiring and development of the staff benefited?

"RTM Restaurant Group has been using the Data Dome Managing For Success instrument for about ten years. This tool has helped us to learn how to work better together and how to put together teams of people whose styles will complement each other. We have also used it as a tool in leadership development.

Throughout these ten years, we have had a strong partnership with Data Dome and Art Schoeck. Art has taught at many of our leadership conferences and he has instructed our HR and Training team on how to most effectively use this tool. He has also been available to consult with us on the numerous one-off questions we have had. His partnership has been invaluable."

Melissa Strait, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
RTM Restaurant Group
"We have been using the Data Dome Behavioral Analysis since 1994 after using a more basic DISC instrument for two years. We have found the Data Dome product to be the most detailed, accurate and easy to understand behavior indicator available. Using this information has helped us improve communication, teamwork and management placement. Art Schoeck amazes me with his knowledge and understanding of DISC based behavioral analysis."

Pat Herreman, Director of Management Development
RTM / Arby's-Mrs. Winner's
"As a Human Resources Vice President, it has been my charge to manage recruiting programs which add "value" to the organization. The Data Dome applicant profiling process provided me with a valuable tool with which to help judge an applicant's personal credentials. Our recruiting "hits" versus our "misses" improved dramatically. Finally, a simple, cost effective methodology was available through Data Dome and...(we) used the tool to our competitive advantage."

David Velmosky
Atlanta Plastics
"Not only was it one of the most attended events, it was also one of the highest rated ones as well. One member wrote "best program of the year" on the evaluation form. It was very informative and I think the behavioral assessment is something that will give us a little insight into ourselves and how we manage others."

V. Greg Rimes, CLM; VP / President-Elect
Atlanta Assocation of Legal Administrators, Inc.
"Thank you for the exceptional job presenting the "Customer Service - Understanding Yourself and Others" workshop. As usual, the feedback was very positive and optimistic."

Patricia Goodgame, Associate Director Human Resources
Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
"Art is a dynamic and informative speaker/facilitator. He has an incredible knowledge of DISC and how individual behaviors aftect organizational productivity. No one walks away bored from one of Art's workshops! Art also has an extensive selection of assessments to help with recruitment, development, team-building, and employee engagement. Art has the highest integrity and consistently provides great consulting and products. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a vendor partner for assessments, recruiting, teambuilding, or employee engagement." March 11, 2008

Dawn Lanier, SPHR

[back to top]Sales Development

What results have Sales Managers seen in their groups and in their sales as a result of Data Dome's seminars?

"We truly appreciate your faithful participation in the Sales manager class. The classes were considered an excellent success and your sessions were instrumental in that success."

Cindy Price, Management Sales Manager
BellSouth Telecommunications
"Loved it! I gave it more value than any other Sales Seminar!"

Larry Taylor, Sales Manager
BellSouth Business Systems
"The information Data Dome, Inc. provided us was amazing. We have used this information to analyze our strengths but more importantly our weaknesses. I am confident that because of Art's seminar we have a more professional and productive group of account executives. I would not hesitate to recommend the Data Dome seminar to any business. It was concise, informative and extremely entertaining."

Sant Perez, Sales Manager
WAGA-TV/FOX5 Atlanta
"Our sales training classes were packed twice a week. Now, we have a single, much smaller class every other week - we're keeping our salespeople! And now we devote so much more of our training time on things we could never get to before."

Tom Hampton
Ikon Office Solutions
"Using Data Dome's behavioral style profiles has uncovered highly valuable information about identifying and adjusting for different styles, both with our buyers and with each other. The Sales Seminar in particular gave us the insights to take the step from simply identifying different styles to adapting our individual styles to the behavioral style of each client. ... The seminars succeed in being both nonthreatening and frank, a combination that proved to be extremely beneficial and constructive for our sales team. I highly recommend Data Dome, Inc. for their behavioral style software products, their attentiveness to their clients, and their excellent seminars."

Moe Shafer
The Blazer/Pifer Group

[back to top]The Executive Perspective

What the decision makers have to say about how Data Dome has helped their companies.

"Great job. I've already noticed a more "cohesive and cooperative" attitude among the group. ... I will continue to recommend you wnenever possible."

Guy Thomson, Director
Proof of the Pudding
"We have been blessed with excellent growth over the last five years in no small part due to your help in evaluating our job applicants. The DISC profile is always helpful. The "Assess" test you offer and the way you tailor it to a specific industry and position is incredibly accurate. We use it for each of our hires and often go back and review it a year or so later and without fail it has properly described the person we hired. Keep up the good work."

Stephen F. Kenney, President
Kenney Properties, Inc.
"We have found it to be a refreshing experience. As an introduction to self-appraisal, it has produced an amazing honesty level. As a vehicle for a healthy, candid, and caring exchange of views between managers and subordinates, it has enabled subject matter which hitherto has been felt to be too sensitive for discussion to be dealt with in a very positive and motivating way. We have benefited greatly from our senior managers having come to terms with the do's and don'ts of managing the individuals; and the exchanges in this area have breathed new life into old relationships. In short we believe we have benefited greatly and yet we are sure there is so much more we have to gain. We are looking forward to you helping us in our goal of increasing management productivity."

Doug Manning, CEO
Rentokil Contract Services, Inc.
"Of the programs we've had in at PBG in the last six years, your training was the most effective, lasting and fun. My team still discusses the behavioral styles on a regular basis."

Mark McCullough, President
PBG (Phillips & Brooks/Gladwin, Inc.)
"Art has provided several DISC workshops for Hob Nob, and his presentations consistently receive high reviews. He arrives uber-prepared and consistently delivers an engaging, personalized presentation. Art always impresses me with his ability to intimately relate his deep knowledge of the subject matter to each participant's assessment results. Having seen Art in action multiple times, I now understand why BellSouth and Hewlett-Packard's National Training Centers have praised his workshops as among the best they've offered. I highly recommend Art!" May 14, 2009

Ben Harris
Co-founder Hob Nob Jobs, Inc.
"Art's experience and insight into individual and organizational behaviors is truly excellent. I have had the opportunity to participate in a handful of his various workshops that we have hosted at Hob Nob, and each time I walk away with a tremendous amount of knowledge and information from these sessions. His capacity to engage the audience, whether they are college students or experienced professionals, is only possible because of the depth of his understanding in the subject areas he speaks to. I endorse Art without hesitation; he is not only an expert in this field, but truly enjoyable to work with." May 14, 2009

Phillip Chen
Co-founder Hob Nob Jobs, Inc.
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