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Confront Your Blind Spots:
Targeted Reading for Coaching, Mentoring and Development

Everyone has blind spots. Even your greatest strengths have inherent liabilities. You might be a terrific analyst, but it may be at the expense of timely decision-making. You may get along very well with co-workers, but overcommit yourself. Once you have diagnosed areas where you could work on self-development and performance, get your reading "prescription" by selecting the appropriate area link.

These books and our assessment tools are a valuable resource for coaching and mentoring, as well as for your personal development.

Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions for book additions.

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In the lists below, look for your diagnosis and click for your prescription.

Low / Too Low

Click for Recommendation

High / Too High

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Pace Unhurried

Increase work pace, energy
Active, frenetic, impatient

Develop focus, priorities
Self-Reliance Low, rely on others

Develop initiative, self-reliance, decisiveness
High, rely on self

Manage, collaborate, delegate
Work Organization Dislike structure, order

Build organizational skills, productivity
Prefer structure, order

Be flexible, streamline processes
Multi-tasking Routine, one task at a time

Streamline, manage stressful projects
Variety, multiple tasks

Focus, prioritize
Follow-through Low

Persist, finish what you start, honor committments

Frustration Tolerance Low, sensitive

Handle stress, adapt
High, resilient
Need for Freedom Low High

Get organizational savvy, be receptive to recommendations
Need for Recognition Valued low

Energize and reward others
Valued high

Nurture Internal Standards
Detail Oriented Low, dislikes details

Do it right, pay attention to details
High, enjoys detail work Strategize, focus on big picture
Energy Low

Manage time, fight procrastination, get fit


Assertiveness Low, accomodating

Take initiative, lead, negotiate
High, abrasive

Listen, collaborate, learn win-win
Sociability Shy or uninterested

Court your crowd, build rapport, influence others

Manage your time, concentrate, work alone
Need to Be Liked Low

Build work relationships

Face Conflict Productively
Positive about People Cautious, skeptical

Overcome hypercriticality, bridge differences, build trust

Build realistic view, understand mistakes of niceness
Interpersonal Insight Low, doesn't analyse others

Listen, develop insight, motivate others
High, analyses others
Optimism Pessimistic

Revive optimism, positive outlook

Pay attention to problems, concerns
Toleration of Criticism Sensitive, subjective

Raise self-esteem, transform critical voices
Thick-skinned, objective
Self-Control Low, expressive

Be cool and collected, manage your mouth
High, reserved, careful

Ease tension, loosen up

Thinking and Decision-Making

Reflective Thinking Low need to probe Bogged down in analysis

Turn knowledge into action
Structured Thinking Avoids step-by-step

Get organized, logical, systematic
Serious, Restrained Thinking Quick to decide

Limit risk, improve decision-making

Accept Appropriate Risk, improve decision-making
Fact-Based Thinking Intuitive

Develop more objective, fact-based reasoning

Learn breakthrough thinking, creative problem-solving
Realistic Thinking Imaginative

Make smart choices, decisions

Spark creativity, innovation

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