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Diagnosis: Low Self-Control: Expressive

Be Cool and Collected, Manage Your Mouth

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    Calm at Work: Breeze through Your Day Feeling Calm, Relaxed and in Control by Paul Wilson

    The 10 Emotions of Power: How to Make Your Emotions Work for You by Lawrence L. Salliotte

    Since Strangling Isn't an Option... Dealing With Difficult People - Common Problems and Uncommon Solutions by Sandra Crowe

    Stop Smiling, Start Kvetching: A 5-Step Guide to Creative Complaining by Barbara S. Held

    A Passion for Excellence: The Leadership Difference by Tom Peters & Nancy Austin

    Managing Your Mouth: An Owner's Manual for Your Most Important Business Asset by Robert L. Genua.

    How to Stay Cool, Calm & Collected When the Pressure's on: A Stress Control Plan for Businesspeople by John E. Newman.

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