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DISC Doorway to Sales Performance

Open the Door to Better Sales Performance

THE DISC DOORWAY Effective Selling with Behavioral Style Strategy

The facts are that people tend to buy from salespeople with a similar DISC behavior profile to their own and salespeople tend to make most of their sales to customers with a similar profile to their own. If salespeople don’t know how to adjust behavioral style then they are limiting their opportunity and leaving too many sales up to the luck of the draw.

Understand your best selling style.

Selling is influencing, and establishing credibility is essential to sales effectiveness. Developing a behavioral strategy built on adapting a salesperson’s natural behavior to the “right fit” for a given prospect will reinforce credibility with every interaction!

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Our objective is to help you make more money.

By providing behavioral tools and training on DISC styles your sales team will learn how to apply behavioral-based selling strategies that are adjusted for each individual's unique DISC profile.

The Sales Behavioral Style Report is included.

Prior to attending the seminar each participant will complete an online behavioral style profile designed specifically for sales professionals. The customized results are part of what makes this such an efficient and effective program.

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Effective Behavior = Effective Selling

The DISC Doorway To Sales Performance is an intense seminar built on 3 modules. Each module takes 2 hours to complete and, thanks to the online Sales Behavioral Style Assessment, is built on information customized to the individual participants in each class.

Session I: The Competitive Edge - Behavioral Insight to Understand Your Selling Style

  • Send the message you intend to send – verbally, and non-verbally
  • Understand your profile – know your communication style

Session II: The Chameleon Strategy – Increase Sales by Blending Styles

  • Identify customer styles – decode the signals for effective responses
  • Adjust behavior – optimize your approach for different styles

Session III: Targeting Your Toughest Sell – Know Your Achille’s Heal and Overcome It!

  • Diagnose the most challenging customer for your behavioral style
  • Build a strategic plan – win with confidence!

Our team are experts in the field of sales performance through behavioral strategy

Learn from the company that has trained thousands of individuals in the concepts and applications of behavioral analysis.

Meet our faculty:

Lisa A. Bouchard is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst who brings over 15 years of experience applying DISC tools to the business world. Her rare ability to relate at all levels of the organization, from the board room to the shop floor, has made her a change agent for clients in the consumer goods, banking, health care, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries. Prior to her consulting work she spent 13 years in sales management giving her a focus on real-world results that is uncommon in the training arena – she knows "where the rubber meets the road". Lisa's energetic and dynamic trainer style will lead you to achieve new levels of insight and capability.

Are you ready to take your sales team's performance to the next level? Contact us using our online form or call 404-814-0739 for more information on how to open the behavioral door to better sales through DISC.

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