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Data Dome Expands Training, Welcomes Rico Pena

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

We at Data Dome would like you to join us in welcoming the newest addition to our facilitation team: Rico Pena.

Rico has combined his 25 years entrepreneurial experience, DISC training and his military background into a tactical approach to business that delivers results with measurable military precision and creative out-of-the-box solutions.

“Rico is a strong addition to our growing Data Dome family. I’m excited to welcome him to our DISC facilitation team,” said Art Schoeck, Founder and CEO of Data Dome. “Rico brings an international perspective – he’s delivered results around the world for Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial leaders.”

Rico’s positive attitude and military discipline make him a dedicated and sought-after trainer and speaker.

To find out more about Rico Pena and the rest of the Data Dome team, please visit his bio on our About the Team page.

Data Dome Expands Training, Welcomes Babette Anderson

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

We at Data Dome would like you to join us in welcoming the newest addition to our facilitation team: Babette Anderson.

Babs, a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, has 30 years of experience in sales and operations leadership and corporate training management. She spent 11 years in the telecommunications industry in leadership roles including Verizon Wireless District Manager, Associate Director of Store Operations and Verizon Wireless Northeast Area Training Manager.

“I’m pleased to welcome Babs into the growing Data Dome family as a member of the DISC facilitation team,” said Art Schoeck, Founder and CEO of Data Dome. “Babette has the real world knowledge to show how the lessons from the training class apply to everyday situations.”

Babette’s infectious energy and high-performance track record managing and leading teams make the classroom experience fun, informative and engaging.

To find out more about Babette Anderson and the rest of the Data Dome team, please visit her bio on our About the Team page.

Data Dome Expands Training, Welcomes Sara Cegelski

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

We at Data Dome would like you to join us in welcoming the newest addition to our facilitation team: Sara Cegelski.

Sara, a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, has a 20+-year track record as a consultant, facilitator, speaker and instructional designer. She has facilitated training programs for numerous clients worldwide in corporate, educational and not-for-profit sectors, focusing on topics related to workplace communications, management and leadership.

“I’m delighted to welcome Sara into the Data Dome family as a member of the DISC facilitation team,” said Art Schoeck, Founder and CEO of Data Dome. “Sara has solid experience and an engaging, high-energy style that makes for memorable sessions.”

Sara’s areas of specialization include DISC behavioral style, performance management, supervisory skills, conflict management, customer service, team communications, ethical decision making, leadership development and train-the-trainer.

To find out more about Sara and the rest of the Data Dome team, please visit her bio on our About the Team page.

DISC Holiday Gifts – Books That Help People Help Themselves

Monday, November 28th, 2011

It’s that gift-giving time of year again, and a great time to use the insights provided by DISC to help you choose the perfect books as gifts for the people on your list. Show your appreciation and support with a book that can help a co-worker or employee to improve in key areas to communicate better and raise their team’s productivity. Give your spouse the knowledge and tools to improve their performance and reduce their stress by giving a book that directly addresses specific areas targeted for improvement.

We at Data Dome have organized a selection of practical, targeted books and grouped them according to the specific skills and behaviors they were written to address. We have a section for development-oriented books as well as an entire selection just for addressing sales skills and behaviors.

To find just the right book for your friend, spouse, co-worker, employee, or even yourself, just visit the Data Dome Bookstore. We’ve organized an extensive list of recommended readings based on the many varieties of report results that are provided by our best assessment tools. You will find books on Coaching and Development – both for Personal Development and Team Development, as well as a book list for Sales Skills and Knowledge. Simply go to either page and look for the link to the section that fits the diagnosis or area of improvement that is the best match for the area the recipient wants to improve. For example, in the Sales section we have recommendations for First Meetings/First Impressions, Overcoming Objections, Prospecting/ Pre-Qualifying, Closing and much more. Or venture into the Development section where you’ll find links to recommendations for topics as diverse as Low Assertiveness, High Self-Control, Dislike for Structure, or Sparking Creativity – in fact, our book recommendations cover the spectrum of Working, Relating, Thinking and Decision-Making.

All transactions are made through our associate account with Amazon so your buying experience and delivery options are safe, secure and reliable.

These books and our assessment tools are a valuable resource for coaching and mentoring, as well as for personal development. We at Data Dome wish you and yours a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season and a New Year filled with growth and improved productivity and communication.

Data Dome Welcomes Lisa Bouchard, Expands Training Team

Monday, January 24th, 2011

We at Data Dome would like you to join us in welcoming the newest addition to our training team: Lisa A. Bouchard.

Lisa, a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, has over 15 years of expertise in applying the insights of DISC to the issues and practical realities of the business world. She has a unique ability to establish rapport at all levels of the organization, from the board room to the shop floor. This skill has made her a change agent for clients in the consumer goods, banking, health care, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries.

“I’m delighted to have Lisa join the Data Dome family as a member of the faculty for our Advanced Experiential DISC Certification class.” said Art Schoeck, Founder and CEO of Data Dome. “Lisa has a knack for connecting with people. She is a dynamic trainer who can inspire people to reach levels of understanding beyond their own expectations.”

In addition to her consulting experience, Lisa spent 13 years in sales management. She knows the importance of getting results and that’s why she emphasizes in her training sessions that DISC isn’t just theory. She teaches how to use DISC profiles to decipher and improve the situations real businesses, and real people, face every day.

To find out more about Lisa please visit her bio on our About the Team page.

World According to DISC – Guide to Holiday Shopping

Monday, December 6th, 2010

‘Tis the gift giving season so we here at Data Dome want to help you find the perfect gift for all the different DISC profiles on your list. Not everyone has disc profiles as extreme as these, but thinking about DISC styles may help you choose a better behaviorally-fitting gift.

A high D DISC profile is likely to respond well to a gift that helps further a goal, but not if it adds complication to the process: Last year, Danny the High D was looking to start exercising more so his wife thought a new bicycle would be the perfect gift. It would have been if it had come pre-assembled, but Danny wanted to exercise not decipher an assembly manual. He’s now running 3 miles a day, but the bike is still in the box.

A high I DISC profile likes to be around people, interacting, talking and having fun. Good choices are gifts that either prompt a social gathering or elevate the high I’s social status, but follow through and attention to detail may not be strong with the high I. Last year, Irma the high I found out that several of her friends got together once a week for a knitting circle so she dropped a lot of hints about knitting to her husband. He dutifully got her a starter kit of knitting needles, a knitting video, several balls of beautiful wool and a book of knitting patterns. She was delighted and excited to join her friends at her first knitting circle, until she found out how hard it was as a beginner to knit and talk at the same time. She continues to enjoy meeting her knitting circle, but as of this writing she has yet to complete her first scarf.

Persons with a high S DISC profile aren’t very demonstrative and may seem hard to shop for because they haven’t outwardly expressed what they would like. Sam is a high S and last holiday season his wife noticed that the lining was shot on his winter coat. She thought it would be nice to get him a new coat that was more in-style than his old one, but she knew he wasn’t into fashion and that he tended to resist change so instead she got the old coat relined. When he opened the box he was confused for a second to see his old coat in a new gift box, but when he saw the new lining he smiled and quietly slipped the coat on over his pajamas.

The high C DISC profile can be intimidating to shop for because the high C can be meticulous and critical about quality and appropriateness of a gift. Last year, Clara, a high C, was dismayed when her friends in the office gave her an expensive planner from Franklin-Covey – they thought it would be a big hit because she is so organized, but she felt insulted that they thought she needed someone else’s system to stay on top of things. This year they did better, giving her a subscription to Consumer Reports so she can always have the data to make the most informed purchase decisions.

Here are a few more just-in-fun gift ideas –

The gift they want:

  • High D – NASCAR fantasy camp driving lesson, air horn, watch with built-in stopwatch
  • High I – Tickets to the Oprah show, karaoke machine, a huge holiday party
  • High S – Grandpa’s pocket watch, a family holiday dinner, savings bond
  • High C – Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine, statistical graphing calculator, US Chess Federation standard chess set

The gift they need, but don’t want:

  • High D – meditation retreat, biofeedback machine, chamomile tea
  • High I – time management system, accountability coach, Social Media blocking software
  • High S – home organizer session, procrastination-busters class, Toastmasters membership
  • High C – empathy training, improv class, mud-wrestling tournament entry

As always with the World According to DISC series, we like to keep it light while sharing some instructive, yet one-dimensional attributes of DISC behavior. In reality people are multi-dimensional and are influenced by a range of motivators and attitudes in addition to having a mix of behavioral styles.

Whatever your DISC style we at Data Dome wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!

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