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World According to DISC: John Wooden – The C Coach

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The sport of college basketball recently noted the passing of a legendary coach and highly esteemed teacher: John Wooden – a man who not only succeeded as a respected and winning coach, but one who also exhibited a different behavioral style than that which is stereotypically associated with college basketball coaches.

When one thinks of a big-time basketball coach many assume this will be a fiery and dominating personality, highly goal-oriented like a Mike Krzyzewski or the at times volatile Bobby Knight. Wooden, by contast, was described as “self-controlled” and “detail-oriented”. In the NBC Sports obituary Michael Ventre wrote that “Wooden’s attention to detail was almost as legendary as the Wizard of Westwood himself. He instructed his players how to put on their socks and shoes in order to cut down on the incidence of blisters.” Sounds like the adjectives associated with a High C, doesn’t it? In the same article he is described as being “humble, practical and unpretentious” – not the first adjectives that come to mind if one is assuming the stereotype of the High D coach.

While the sports world is saddened to say good bye to John Wooden we would like to thank this role-model for demonstrating that there are many paths to success and leadership and that the dominance of the high D isn’t the only behavioral style capable of achieving great results.

Springtime with Spranger

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Here at Data Dome we talk a lot about behavioral styles and how DISC can be used to measure both natural and adapted behaviors, but it is important to remember that behaviors alone are only part of the story. Examining values and motivators are essential for understanding an employee and for creating harmonious and productive work environments. One of the original thinkers in the area of values and motivators was the German philosopher and psychologist, Eduard Spranger.

In his book, Types of Men (1914), Spranger put forth his major contribution to personality theory; what he called value attitudes:

  • The Theoretical whose dominant interest is the discovery of truth
  • The Economic who is interested in what is useful
  • The Aesthetic whose highest value is form and harmony
  • The Social whose highest value is love of people
  • The Political whose interest is primarily in power
  • The Religious whose highest value is unity

Later, TTI founder, Bill Bonnstetter, changed the names of three of Spranger’s six attitudes:

  • Economic became Utilitarian
  • Political became Individualistic
  • Religious became Traditional

These updated names are now a familiar part of the tools we use today.

Behaviors for Success

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Busy professionals with a strong desire to achieve sometimes fall into slumps, which can destroy creative drive. Do your best to avoid these slumps by accepting that you cannot do everything. Delegate responsibilities to others qualified to perform the task. They should share your goals for success.

  • Be a lifetime learner. Don’t assume you’ve learned all you need to know. Have a plan for personal growth and work on challenging goals in all areas of your life.
  • Be proactive. Solve problems before they occur. Carefully plan procedures to prevent problems and proper handling in the event they do happen.
  • Communicate your goals. Let others know how they can help you achieve them. Listen carefully to information they provide you.
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