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13 Assessment and Application Principles

How to evaluate and select assessment tools and procedures that maximize chances for getting the right fit between jobs and employees.

  1. Use assessment tools in a purposeful manner with a clear understanding of your reasons and goals, what you want to measure, and why.
  2. Use the whole-person approach to assessment, using a variety of validated assessment instruments to gain the best employment-related information.
  3. Use only assessment instruments that are unbiased and fair to all groups to select a qualified and diverse workforce.
  4. Use only reliable (accurate, relevant and consistent) assessments and procedures.
  5. Use only assessment procedures and instruments that have been demonstrated to be valid for the specific purpose for which they are being used.
  6. Use assessment tools that are appropriate for the target population.
  7. Use assessment instruments for which understandable and comprehensive documentation is available.
  8. Ensure that administration staff are properly trained.
  9. Ensure that testing conditions are suitable for all test takers.
  10. Provide reasonable accommodation in the assessment process for people with disabilities.
  11. Maintain security with regard to assessment instruments, forms, questionnaires, and the like.
  12. Maintain confidentiality of assessment results. Results should only be shared with those who have a legitimate need to know and should not be released to other individuals or organizations without the informed consent of the participant.
  13. Ensure that scores are interpreted properly.

We offer our expertise about valid, effective, legal and ethical procedures, applications, processes, and interpretation. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the proper use of assessment tools!

Testing and Assessment: An Employer's Guide to Good Practices

The above is a main-points summary of the Testing and Assessment: An Employer's Guide to Good Practices - US Department of Labor - A guide to help managers and human resource (HR) professionals use appropriate and effective assessment practices. See our summary.

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