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Interactive Sales Strategy Index

Two tools in one.
Combines the Sales Skills Index
with CD-ROM Interactive Training.

Business to Business Sales Skills and Knowledge

TTI Interactive Insights™ Sales Strategy Index is your Partner in Selection and Training

TTI Interactive Insights™ Sales Strategy Index is an affordable and powerful selling skills evaluation and training system that will turn the odds in your favor. The Sales Skills Index will help you learn a sales candidate or salesperson's present knowledge of the sales process. You will have valuable information to help make more informed and successful hires. ISSI will help assess your present sales force's level of sales knowledge. It will produce printed reports and compare your candidates or salespeople to the database of top salespeople.

Present salespeople receive their personal printed report and can receive personalized feedback directly from the CD-ROM. They will hear and learn why their answers to the sales situations were right. They will receive feedback on situations where their answers were different from the top salespeople in the database. Personalized training programs can be prepared from this information for all members of the sales team to improve their selling skills.

Sales Managers can create standards to look at future candidates using their top salespeople to develop a company standard. The candidate's sales knowledge can be compared to the sales knowledge of top producers in their organization by using this standard.

Benefits of Using Interactive Insights Sales Strategy Assessments

  • Designed especially for business to business sales – see Interactive Retail Coach for Retail Sales
  • Simplifies evaluating the candidate's sales knowledge
  • Identifies the candidate's strengths and potential challenges
  • Highlights the specific training needs of each salesperson
  • Ensures managing and coaching focuses on training areas that produce results
  • Confirms proper response to sales opportunities
  • Both pre- and post-training measurement

ISSI Features

  • Interactive multimedia maintains attention and interest
  • Three levels of individual feedback
  • A password for each candidate or present salesperson
  • A bookmark to stop and résumé later
  • Starts randomly to prevent the potential of passing on answers
  • Print or reprint any report

Evaluates 7 Steps of the Sales Process

  • Prospecting
  • First Impressions
  • Qualifying
  • Demonstration
  • Influence
  • Close
  • General

The TTI Interactive Insights™ Sales Strategy Index presents 54 sales situations (34 video scenarios) in seven important areas necessary for sales success. Each sales situation is a real-life scenario nearly every salesperson encounters during the selling process. Each situation has four possible solutions and the respondents rank the solutions from most effective to least effective. Their responses are compared with those of proven top sales professionals, and a report outlining strengths of the person assessed and areas where improvement may be necessary is produced.

Good Salespeople Make the Difference

The ultimate success of nearly every organization is in direct relationship to their results-oriented sales team. The challenge for sales managers is discovering, selecting, training, coaching and retaining successful salespeople. Organizations invest millions of dollars to do research, develop and manufacture products. They invest thousands of dollars to produce impressive sales pieces and brochures.

Organizations who experience success in the future will invest heavily in the selection, development, training and coaching of their sales team.

If your salespeople spend a lot of time in the car, you may prefer to use the TTI Success Insights™/MFS® Sales Skills Index, and do target training with the Managing for Success Sales Strategy Index™ Training Tapes.

Sample Sales Skills Index Report

Please note: All sample profiles are available in PDF format. For assistance with PDF files, please refer to our File Help page.

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