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Assess Expert System for Selection and Development

Sample Reports

The Assess Selection report is used during the hiring process. Click here.
The Assess Development report is used during career development and counseling. Click here.
The Assess 360 is used for multi-rater. Click here.
The Assess Hiring Manager provides insights and interview questions. Click here.

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Quick Description:

Premier assessment includes behavioral interpersonal style, thinking style, motivations and work style - with optional intellectual abilities (critical thinking, abstract reasoning, verbal comprehension, mental alertness); It gives in-depth behavioral and thinking styles and intellectual abilities as well as a detailed, comparative, instruction assessment.


Executive, Upper/Middle Management, High-end Professional Sales, Skilled Professional, Technical

Assess Expert System is a powerful psychological evaluation tool that will turn the odds in your favor. A state of the art Windows- or Internet-based expert system, it produces work-related assessment reports to assist in the selection of outside candidates and in the promotion, placement or development of internal managers, supervisors and professionals. The assessments provided are industry-standard, and each item has been carefully validated and documented. This information aids in the proactive placement of the right people in the right environment - a win-win situation. Assess measures the following competencies:

  • Intellectual Abilities
  • Thinking Style
  • Work Approach and Motivations
  • Interpersonal Style
  • Approach to Influencing or Supervising Others

Assess breaks the assessment into four comparison groups to provide more accurate and value-added selection and developmental insight:
  • Executives and Managers
  • Professionals
  • Professional Sales
  • Administrative

The Assess Expert System provides immediate, on-site evaluation and reporting at your site. Using profile level interpretation, reports are written in a concise, straightforward manner and provide a detailed description of:
  • Interview and Reference Probes
  • Management Suggestions
  • Developmental Suggestions
  • Job Search and Job Fit Suggestions

Assess Expert System for Selection and Development

Why is Assess Used?


Assess is designed to help objectify the pre-employment process for professional and managerial candidates. The assessment measures intellectual abilities and work-related personality characteristics. Assess reports present an integrated and comprehensive evaluation of the candidate in areas such as intellectual ability, thinking style, work approach, motivations and interpersonal style. Report content also includes a quick summary of potential strengths and weaknesses, interview suggestions for follow-up, management suggestions and template comparisons to an array of job-level and job-type norm groups.


People want and need specific, objective feedback regarding their assets and liabilities; however, giving this type of feedback may be beyond the ability or resources of many managers. Assess Developmental Reports can assist in the delivery of this type of constructive feedback in one-on-one coaching situations or as a part of a programmatic workshop offering. Reports are written for the participant in a constructive tone. Content includes a comprehensive description of the individual's intellectual abilities and thinking style, work approach, motivations and interpersonal style. In addition to highlighting potential strengths and weaknesses and providing personalized developmental suggestions, Assess Developmental Reports and supporting materials provide a structured approach to formulating a personal developmental action plan complete with developmental resources, timetables and performance improvement indicators.

Promotion and Career Changes

Although observed job performance should be the primary consideration when making a promotion decision, some promotions involve significant changes in job responsibility. When the new job requires the demonstration of new skills and abilities not observable in the old job, Assess can help by providing objective indicators of potential strengths and weaknesses in the new position. Assess can aid people who are contemplating a career or job change. Based on the information provided in their Assess Career Manager Reports, individuals can focus their search on jobs or careers that will be a better fit with their personality. Also, they will be better prepared to manage aspects of their personality that might interfere with effective self-management during a job search. Reports include a comprehensive description of the individual's intellectual abilities and thinking style, work approach, motivations and interpersonal style. Job Fit suggestions, in combination with supporting exercise guides, help the participant to evaluate his or her personality fit with various job or career choices. Job Search suggestions are specifically targeted at helping the participant to constructively manage aspects of his or her personality during a job search.

Assess administers two personality inventories, and one or more intellectual ability assessments.

  • Valid, Reliable Management
  • The assessments that Assess uses are industry standards. Each has been carefully validated and documented.
  • Summary of Key Factors
  • A top line summary that makes it easy to compare candidates at a glance, including a single-page graphic presentation.
  • Interpersonal Style
  • How does the person deal with other people? This is the section to answer your questions before you hire.
  • Work Style and Motivations
  • How does the individual get the job done? Indications of how this person will fit the job and the culture.
  • Emotional Style
  • How does he or she react to pressure and stress? Find out before you hire.
  • Interpersonal Influence and Control
  • Managing, persuading and influencing other people.
  • Intellectual Usage and Effectiveness
  • Provides insight on how the person uses his or her mental abilities.
  • Evaluates Intellectual Abilities and Potential
  • Measures a candidate's intellectual strengths to help you anticipate his or her effectiveness when challenged.
  • Interview and Reference Questions
  • Probing questions based on the individual candidate's results give you the interviewing edge, as well as specific queries to ask as you complete the interview process.
  • Management Suggestions
  • Should the Expert System software identify any special areas for management concern, you'll have them at your fingertips for immediate consideration.
Assess provides specific developmental guidelines for your present employees, and assists in evaluating candidate's abilities, strengths, and weaknesses before making the hiring decision.

Assess 360

The Assess tool is now available as a 360-degree survey - Compare the views of self, boss, peer, direct report and others. With the addition of the new Assess 360 multi-rater feedback module, Assess will now provide a comprehensive picture of personality and abilities, as well as feedback on actual behavior. Customized to your model of success, this powerful combination provides targeted feedback for developing your workforce. This system is now available in English and in Spanish.

Assess Hiring Manager

The Assess Hiring Manager report provides a useful tool for the hiring manager. When Assess is administered the hiring manager can access a special report that explains the findings and provides specific, targeted interview questions based on the profile findings of the candidate.

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