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What is Behavioral Style Profiling?

Sample Reports and DISC Profiles

If you manage others in your organization and have purchasing authority, you may qualify for a free DISC profile behavioral style assessment. Use our contact form to order. We also offer a complimentary needs assessment (call us at 404-814-0739), and you can download sample DISC profiles and behavioral style reports from our sample profiles page . Behavioral style profiles do not measure intelligence, hard skills, values, or interests. Some of the customizations of behavioral profiles are:

Please note: All sample assessments and DISC profiles are available in PDF format. For assistance with PDF files, please refer to our File Help page.

What is a DISC behavioral profile?

(shared slides available: DISC: an Introduction)

There are hundreds of different DISC interpretations, tools and training products. These are all based on 4-quadrant DISC behavioral style theory. As an assessments clearinghouse and consultancy, we have done the research for you and can recommend the most advanced and effective of these tools for your needs. The DISC profiles that we recommend have easy-to-understand narrative reports with highly targeted information that can be used for self-awareness, as well as for personal, team, and corporate vitality planning.

A DISC profile is an accurate description of our observable actions and behaviors. It is not a test. There is no right or wrong DISC profile, no good or bad style. Every style combination has strengths and weaknesses, value to the organization and typical blind spots that might create problems if unaddressed. A profile narrates exactly how we prefer to do things and in what kind of environment we prefer to do them.

  • How do I prefer to communicate with others?
  • How do I go about achieving my goals?
  • What type of work environment do I need to thrive and be motivated?
  • What do I need to thrive and be motivated?
  • What behaviors do I tend to exhibit under stress?

Each behavioral style profile report is a detailed, personalized narrative that addresses how a person responds to Problems, People, Pace and Procedures.

  • Problems (Dominance)

    - How you respond to problems and challenges.
  • People (Influence)

    - How you influence others to your point of view.
  • Pace (Steadiness)

    - How you respond to the pace of the environment.
  • Procedures (Compliance)

    - How you respond to rules and procedures set by others.

Developing a clear self-awareness and then understanding - and learning to adapt to - styles that are different from ourselves will always produce more effective communications, better "people information" and, therefore, better decision-making. Understanding our own specific role or position within a group or team context is the complete extension of good communication. Understanding styles corrects misconceptions, miscommunications, and misunderstandings that might have existed and plagued performance for some time. Benefits include reduced conflict, increased productivity, better work teams, and a better working environment for self-motivation.

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Why Data Dome for DISC profiles?

  • Free consultation to discuss your needs and goals.
  • A wide variety of DISC specialized reports and applications.
  • Validated DISC assessments offer 384 graph combinations (not just 4, 16, or even 64).
  • Effective and ethical application of these tools has been proven to reduce turnover, increase productivity, build working teams, encourage effective communication, reduce conflict, promote mutual understanding, and develop an environment for self-motivation.

Your consultation is free. Call us today at 404-814-0739.

We Support You

We are here for you, and can answer your questions and guide you in implementing the best practices and processes. We can provide reference materials, consultations, graph reading applications workshops, seminars, coaching, speaking, and on-site/on-line corporate training. We also offer a DISC certification program (Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst) so that your own trainers, managers and HR authorities can become behavioral style experts. DISC certification is a rigorous one-to-one training in advanced applications and behavioral style strategies.

We Will Guide You in Behavioral Styles Application Processes

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Creating Behavioral Team Synergy
  • Productivity and Optimal Performance
  • Engagement and Commitment
  • Making the Hardest Sales
  • How to Salvage Your Hiring Mistakes
  • Turning Arguments to Agreements
  • Managing and Inspiring Change
  • Objectively Identify Optimal Position Behaviors
  • Career Planning
  • Time Management: How Our Style Wastes Our Time
  • Keeping Talent, Lowering Labor Cost
  • Getting to the Root of Workplace Anxiety
  • Identifying Style-Based Time Wasters
  • Preventing and Treating Burnout
  • Effective Right-sizing
  • Workplace Optimization
  • Poor Performance Troubleshooting

What kind of information is included in the DISC behavioral style profile reports we recommend?

  • Description of your Natural, Basic Style

    - How you actually prefer to do things without feeling that you have to play a role. This is your home or comfort style, where you are most yourself.

  • Description of your Adapted, Response Style

    - The adaptive behaviors you tend to exhibit in order to meet your perception of what it takes to thrive, excel, or just survive in the working role on the job.

  • Comparison of Natural and Adapted Styles

    - What changes there might be in intensities of focus from home to work, what additional energy or stress is required for the adjustments you feel are appropriate to the job.

  • Value to the Organization

    - Focuses on the strengths of your natural style.

  • Checklist for Communicating

    - A description of the way you most prefer others to communicate with you, what someone should do and should not do to communicate most effectively with you.

  • Ideal Environment

    - Identifies the characteristics of the work environment that are most conducive to activating the strengths of your natural style.

  • How Others Perceive You

    - Your Adapted Style (how people are likely to perceive the adapted style you "wear to work"), Increasing Stress (the emergence of your natural style over your adapted style under increasing pressure), and Under Extreme Pressure (the most intense tendencies of each style under very stressful positions or situations).

  • Management Keys

    - Shows what basic needs must be met in order for you to work at optimum productivity and performance.

  • Areas for Improvement

    - Lists the possible limitations and blind spots of your behavioral style. Exellent for identifying behaviors that might hinder you.

  • Style Analysis Graphs

    - Visual aids for understanding the narratives. There is an adjective graph and a wheel graph for your style.

  • Depending on the version you select, targeted information and special sections will be included in that particular report. For example, the Sales Profile includes a section on how to sell to different styles, the Executive Profile has information on leadership, and the Interview Insights Profile includes recommended interview questions.

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