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Advanced DISC Behavioral Style Narrative Profile Reports

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TTI Success Insights Advanced DISC-based Behavioral Style Profiles

Of the hundreds of such tools available, we have chosen the TTI Success Insights™ (formerly Managing for Success®) for its precision, validity, and user-friendliness. This family of profiles meets a variety of needs and special applications required for increased individual and organizational performance. Available by online account processing or as a software suite. Covers four keys behavioral sectors with 384 possible combinations.

D - Dominance - Problems

How the person responds to problems and challenges.

I - Influence - Persuasion

How the person influences others to his or her point of view.

S - Steadiness - Pace

How the person responds to the pace of the environment.

C - Compliance - Procedures

How the person responds to rules and procedures set by others.

Profile reports include such areas as:

  • Natural and Adapted Behavioral Characteristics
  • Communication Preferences
  • Value to the Organization
  • Job-specific Behaviors
  • Suggestions for Others to Effectively Communicate with You
  • Ideal Working Environment
  • Self-Perceptions and How Others May Perceive You Under Stress
  • Personal Preference Motivators
  • Keys to Managing
  • Analysis of Instinctive and Adaptive Behaviors
  • Performance Enhancement Action Plan
  • 384 different behavioral profiles (Not just the standard 4 to 16 categories)
  • Illustrative Linear and Wheel Graphs


  • Provides information about the individual's natural or basic behavioral style, as well as the adaptations they make to that style to thrive in the workplace.
  • Presents specific information that can be immediately applied - keys to motivating, keys to managing, strengths, communication preferences, suggested strategies for improved communications with others, and potential areas for development.
  • Versions are available to help you assess job fit, benchmark top performers, identify job requirements, select candidates with appropriate profile, plan for succession, identify potential managers, resolve conflicts and build teams, assign tasks according to strengths, identify suitability to sales, customer service, identify behavioral-based interviewing questions and provide performance feedback.
  • Many of the profiles can now be taken, scored, and delivered in PDF format online.
  • Well-researched and validated, EEOC/ADA compliant

Your OWN Complimentary Management-Staff DISC Profile

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Please note: All sample profiles are available in PDF format. For assistance with PDF files, please refer to our File Help page.

Report Versions - Targeted Narrative Profile Reports

Success Insights Executive Version

The Executive profile is designed for CEO's, upper management, and other decision makers. It provides valuable information for executives to understand their leadership style and helps them adapt their behaviors to optimize their strengths. The report produces accurate descriptions of their strengths and value to the organization.
Sample Executive Report

Success Insights Management-Staff (new version of MFS Employee-Manager)

By far the most popular of our profile reports, it gives valuable information to the employee, the manager, and the work team. It clarifies individual work styles, how styles affect job performance and how the Management-Staff relationship affects productivity and goal achievement. It is used for a better understanding of the behavioral needs and characteristics of ones' self and others, and can be used to compare against behavioral models of the working environment itself. New behavioral hierarchy graphs rank your natural behavioral style in eight areas commonly encountered in the workplace.
Sample Management-Staff Report

Success Insights Interviewing Insights - General

The Interviewing Insights General Version is an abbreviated form of the Management-Staff Profile, with suggested interview questions.
Sample Interviewing Insights General Report

Success Insights Sales

The Sales profile describes the sales person's natural (basic) sales style; that is, what their natural preferences are for product type, how to handle sales presentations, and how they prefer to close and service. It also describes their adapted (response) style; how they change their behaviors in response to perceptions of what it takes to succeed in their current environment. The Sales Profile compares these, and offers tips on how to better adapt to (or blend with) the customer. This knowledge will help the sales professional create a selling image that is positive for any behavioral style. Useful for sales selection, training, and coaching.
More Sample Sales Report

Success Insights Interviewing Insights - Sales

The Interviewing Insights Sales Version is an abbreviated form of the Sales Profile, with suggested interview questions.
Sample Interviewing Insights Sales Report

Success Insights Customer Service

Focuses on people who deal with customers. This report shows the reach and range of your people who deal with customers; offers specific techniques for developing communication excellence with customers; and facilitates superior team interaction. Employees will be able to recognize different interactive styles and develop their approach accordingly.
Sample Customer Service Report

Success Insights Team Building

Narrative adapted for sharing with coworkers in a team-building scenario. An effective team is more than a group with a task. The Team Building report helps the manager identify and harness individual energies, and effectively channel them toward group goals. The information is presented in a non-threatening manner to encourage members to share reports, recognize team priorities, resolve disagreement, blend their styles and achieve team goals.
Sample Team Building Report

Success Insights Team Behavioral Report

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

In this report we have adapted the individual information to reflect the behavioral styles of the team. The most effective teams have members who understand themselves as well as each other.
Sample Team Behavioral Report

Success Insights Team Motivators

Knowledge of an individual's attitudes helps to tell us WHY they do things. The TTI Success Insights® Team Motivators Report measures the relative prominence, within a team, of six basic interests or attitudes: Theoretical, Utilitarian, Aesthetic, Social, Individualistic and Traditional.

Attitudes help to initiate one's behavior and are sometimes called the hidden motivators because they are not always readily observed. It is the purpose of this report to help illuminate and amplify some of those motivating factors and to build on the strengths that each person brings to a team.
Sample Team Motivators Report

Success Insights Time P.L.U.S.

Identifies time wasters that impact individual productivity, and their possible behavioral causes. This profile report offers solutions for correcting, adapting, or eliminating specific time wasting behaviors typical to each style. It allows individuals the opportunity to develop a powerful new approach to organizing and managing their time.
Sample Time Plus Report

Success Insights Communicating with Style

An abbreviated version of the Management-Staff profile better suited for use with entry-level/temporary staffing. It features a Situational Strategies section on ways to react and advance a conversation when presented with conversational obstacles.
Sample Communicating with Style Report

Relationship Insights

Our ability to interact effectively with others often means the difference between the success or failure in relationships. However, before we can understand others we must first understand ourselves and what we bring to relationships in terms of behavioral preferences. This is a useful tool for better understanding yourself as well as the people you interact with and value.
Sample Relationship Insights Report

Family Relationships

Developed specifically to assist families in improving the core factor of family relationships - communication. Family Relationships reports help families eliminate misunderstandings, conflict and stress by improving understanding and accepting the actions of those involved.
Sample Report Sample Family Relationships Adult Report
Sample Report Sample Family Relationships Young Adult Report

Golf Stroke Saver

What your tendencies are as a player? How to improve your mental approach? How you can be most effectively coached? Which type of golfers you are most compatible with? How you impact your playing partners? Why you perpetuate bad habits?
Sample Report Sample Golf Stroke Saver Report

More DISC-based Applications

Success Insights Work Environment

Creates a behavioral style profile of the job itself; used for job descriptions, communication, and building valid position benchmarks. Reports can be generated on the job, people's perception of the job, comparing perceptions or comparing a person's natural and adapted style to the job.

Success Insights Successful Career Planning

Successful Career Planning helps adults make and plan career decisions and changes by clarifying job expectations, discovering reasons for inner conflict, stress experienced in past or present jobs, and analyzing one's perception of the "ideal job." Includes the Behavioral Style Report, a description of the work environment that would best suit you, and a list of behaviorally-compatible job titles. Discover what you are really looking for in a job. Great for job transitioning, returning to the workforce, or for graduating high school students.

Measure Priorities and Passions

Success Insights PIAV/Motivation Insights (Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values)

Different instrument. Measures the relative weight of theoretical, utilitarian (economic), aesthetic, social, individualistic (political) and traditional (regulatory) values as motivating priorities. Values and Attitudes are sometimes called the hidden motivators because they are not always readily observed. The report helps illuminate those motivating factors and attitudes and allows a person to understand the driving forces behind their decisions.

Workplace Motivators

Identifies the six different values categories from the PIAV/Motivation Insights instrument, and creates a version of the narrative report for managing and motivation, team-building and professional development. Norms have been developed for this instrument from thousands of professionals.

TTI Success Insights™ and Interactive Insights™ are trademarks of Target Training International, Ltd.; Managing For Success® and The Success Insights® Wheel are registered trademarks of Target Training International, Ltd.

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