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Behavioral Styles - Job Analysis of the Work Environment, Career Planning

If the job could talk, what behavioral characteristics would it describe? What is the behavioral job description of the job itself?

TTI Success Insights™ Work Environment Job Analysis Version

The Working Environment Job Analysis instrument assesses the behavior that is needed for successful completion of a particular job. The process allows the supervisor, incumbent, or anyone else completing the response form to focus on the behavioral demands of the job itself, not the behavior of the person performing the job. If the JOB could talk, this is the way it would describe behaviors needed to be successful.

The collaborative process of developing an objective behavioral job description benefits management and employees. Often for the very first time, managers understand exactly what employees are going through, and employees understand what management really wants - all in user-friendly behavioral terms.

What exactly are the optimum behaviors for the particular position?

  • D- How does the job itself require someone to respond to problems and challenges? Scope of authority, urgency, decisiveness, and patience are key areas.
  • I- How does the job itself require someone to influence others to a particular way of thinking or method of doing? Trust, openness, facts and data (oral and written), discussion, and communication are key areas.
  • S- How does the job itself require someone to deal with the pace and activity levels? Change, persistence, consistency, and listening skills are key areas.
  • C- How does the job itself require a person to respond to the quality of rules and procedures set by others? Rules required to maintain quality, accuracy, and precision are key areas.

If you accurately assess a person's behavioral preferences and match them to a compatible position, the payoff is enormous. When you love what you do, you have more to give. From a leadership perspective, you've not only landed a productive employee but freed the employee's manager to do constructive, rather than remedial, coaching. A round-table session discusses any differences in perceptions (answers) and establishes consensus (not compromise). The questionnaire should be used as a guideline for discussing all aspects of the job - including all tasks and skills involved.

The behavioral job description has a number of valuable applications beyond benchmarking a position or even defining positions for increasing team synergy.

A quick re-alignment can be achieved simply by going through the working environment exercise and comparing the manager's scores to those of the employee. We adjust all the time to changes in the work environment. Are you still on the same map and headed in the right direction? The more the graphs deviate from each other, the more misconception, miscommunication and misunderstanding exists about the behaviors required for success in the position. The same instrument guides you to those areas needing discussion and resolution. Unlike most traditional performance evaluations, this exercise uses an objective approach. The combination of logic and enlightenment transforms these sessions into productive, non-threatening experiences. With our guidance, leadership can also use this tool as a resource for sculpting a realistic, effective visioning plan for optimal performance across diverse positions and departments throughout the organization.

Sample Work Environment Profiles

Behavioral Style Job Analysis / Work Environment

Creates a behavioral style profile of the job itself; used for job descriptions, communication, and building validated position benchmarks.

Sample Job Analysis / Work Environment Report

Behavioral Job vs. Applicant Style

A comparison profile of the behavioral styles of the job and of the applicant.

Sample Job vs. Applicant Report

Career Planning Insights Profile

Find the job that is behaviorally compatible with your natural preferences! Includes a personal behavioral style report, a description of the job and work environment that would best suit you, and a listing of O-Net jobs that are most compatible with your behavioral style (O-Net, or the Occupational Information Network, is the database used by the Department of Labor). Go to Career Planning Insights for more info and to purchase individual reports.

Sample Career Planning Insights Report


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