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Advanced DISC Behavioral Style Analysis for Professional Sales and Win-Win Communication

Geared specifically towards today's sales people, our Sales Version of the TTI Success Insights™ Behavioral Style Profiling Tool takes into account the critical differences between salespeople and other groups of employees. The Sales profile is similar to the Management-Staff profile in structure, but where the Management-Staff is aimed toward management and general personnel, the Sales Profile has a highly sales-oriented narrative.

It shows the strengths, blind spots, and communication styles of your sales personnel, local and remote. Know their selling strengths and improvement areas, style of selling, handling objections, closing, and servicing accounts - information useful for sales selection, training, and coaching.

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Research has conclusively proven that:

  • People tend to buy from salespeople with behavioral styles similar to their own.
  • Salespeople tend to sell to customers with a behavioral style similar to their own, and
  • Salespeople who are aware of their behavioral style and learn to blend with (or adapt to) their customer's style increase their sales.

The Behavioral Style Analysis for Sales describes the sales person's natural (basic) sales style; that is, what their natural preferences are for the type of product, how to handle sales presentations, and how to close and service. It also describes their adapted (response) style; how they change their behaviors in response to perceptions of what it takes to succeed in their current environment. The Sales Profile compares these, and offers tips on how to better adapt to (or blend with) the customer. The report narrative provides a picture of how their behavioral strengths can be perceived as weaknesses when they are overextended (under tension, stress, or fatigue). This knowledge will help the sales professional create a selling image that is positive for any behavioral style.

Competitive Advantages of Using the Advanced DISC Sales Style Profile

  • Spot winners and establish a reliable method of choosing salespeople
  • Pick the salesperson who best fits the present needs of the company
  • Evaluate the performance of new and existing salespeople
  • Show the manager how to get the most from the sales team
  • Coach the sales team for maximum results
  • Bring salespeople out of the sales slump and back on a winning track
  • Reduce turnover and training costs
  • Boost your sales - your ultimate objective

Interviewing Insights for Sales is an abbreviated version of the Sales Profile. It is used primarily as a hiring application, and includes Interview Questions.

Download Sample Profile Please note: All sample profiles are available in PDF format. For assistance with PDF files, please refer to our File Help page.

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