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Leadership Vitality Survey

Following are some sample questions and responses from a 360-degree Leadership CorporatePulse Survey.

Sample Questions:

  1. When people are going to be affected by a decision, he or she asks them to participate in it.
    Rank: 49 Gap: -15.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 1

  2. Openly negotiates with direct reports about whether or not they should participate in specific decisions.
    Rank: 50 Gap: 6.7
    Corporate Sample Questions 2

  3. When giving assignments, makes sure that individuals understand how their tasks fit into the big picture of the organization.
    Rank: 18 Gap: -15.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 3

  4. When reviewing results, explains how our efforts are affecting not only the bottom line - but how they are affecting employees, customers, owners, and the community.
    Rank: 12 Gap: 10.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 4

  5. Looks for opportunities to reward people who have gone out of their way to try new actions.
    Rank: 60 Gap: -20.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 5

  6. Rewards people who behave in ways consistent with the principles and values he or she cares about.
    Rank: 40 Gap: -31.4
    Corporate Sample Questions 6

  7. Treats others with respect, even when he or she is having problems with them.
    Rank: 8 Gap: -30.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 7

  8. When frustrations or concerns arise with the work or behavior of others, approaches them directly to gain better understanding.
    Rank: 12 Gap: -12.5
    Corporate Sample Questions 8

  9. Takes time with each direct report to be sure each has clear performance goals.
    Rank: 24 Gap: -20.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 9

  10. When this person realizes a point he or she held strongly is wrong, he/she is quick to admit the mistake and move on.
    Rank: 64 Gap: -25.7
    Corporate Sample Questions 10

  11. If this person doesn't know an answer to something, he/she is quick to admit it--even if it's something that he/she is supposed to know.
    Rank: 28 Gap: 0.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 11

  12. If a coworker's customer is unhappy, this person does whatever possible to help come up with a solution to the problem.
    Rank: 28 Gap: 0.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 12

  13. How likely is this person to professionally and directly discuss why a peer has repeatedly not delivered on promises and commitments with him or her?
    Rank: 5 Gap: -5.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 13

  14. How likely is this person to professionally and directly coach a direct report who behaves in irritating ways?
    Rank: 3 Gap: 0.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 14

  15. Think of the most effective face-to-face communicator you have met in your life. Overall, how do the communication skills of the person you are rating stack up with the best you have seen?
    Rank: 55 Gap: 10.4
    Corporate Sample Questions 15

  16. Think of the most healthy and productive working relationship you have ever experienced. Compared to that, how healthy is your current working relationship with the person you are rating?
    Rank: 44 Gap: 0.0
    Corporate Sample Questions 16

Sample CorporatePulse 360-degree Leadership Profile

Please note: All sample profiles are available in PDF format. For assistance with PDF files, please refer to our File Help page.

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