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CorporatePulse Surveying Service - Offsite, anonymous workplace surveys

Data Dome uses the CorporatePulse information gathering tool for survey construction, administration, reporting and analysis. Our service allows you to critique the overall operation of your company.

We can customize and administer the surveys for you, or you can purchase the software to do it yourself.

Most of us get a physical every year, even if we're felling well. We want to know that is happening "inside" ourselves that's not apparent - yet. Your organization is a kind of body, too - and pro-active prevention is as valuable as diagnostics.

Using survey tools, the vital information you need to be competitive in a global, ever-changing marketplace will be at your fingertips whenever you need it - monthly, weekly, even daily - and at a price you can afford. Organizations must study and understand what's happening with their people as frequently and energetically as they fret and worry about what's going on with dollars, clocks, and machines. You can't know whether or not you are improving if you don't ask.

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5 Biggest Problems of Surveying Solved

1. The data may not be timely

Surveying an entire organization or customer base often takes so long that by the time the results roll in, they're outdated. With CorporatePulse you can design, deliver, administer, analyze, and produce graphic displays of results in hours, not weeks. Or we can do it for you!

2. The questions are off-target.

Because most surveys are designed for "typical" organizations, they don't get at your real issues. CorporatePulse allows you to tailor existing questions, create your own from scratch, or draw relevant questions from a huge battery of pre-tested items. Customized surveys are as much as 50% more accurate than standardized, "expert-created" measures. We work with you to get the validated questions you need.

3. It costs too much

Designing, administering, shipping, analyzing, and otherwise handling data is costly. CorporatePulse allows you to bring the whole process in-house for a one-time cost. You may also choose to have Data Dome, Inc. run and administer the surveys for you. We also design custom surveys for your needs.

4. Administering the data is a headache

When you survey an entire organization or customer base, send the results to an outside firm, and then cascade the findings back to everyone, the burden of administration is overwhelming. CorporatePulse is an integrated solution, whether we administer it for you or you bring the program on-site. Online surveys are available, but we've had better response rates with paper and pencil surveys that are mailed directly to us - the ultimate anonymous feedback for the information you need to know.

5. The results don't lead to clear actions

Perhaps the greatest problem with typical surveys is that they don't lead to actions that solve problems. CorporatePulse helps you design questions that not only look at problems, but also help explore underlying causes and find solutions that will lead to results. You can even measure those results using the survey tool again. Data Dome will work to help you construct actionable solutions based on the actual information you receive.

1. Survey Construction

  • 360-Degree Profile Surveys
  • Six-Cell Surveys
  • Library of Questions (including topics such as team orientation, leadership, diversity, quality improvement, communication, etc.)
  • Demographics (select from the predefined ones, or create your own)
  • Scannable Form Creation
  • Response Scales (select from the predefined ones, or create your own)
  • Page Layout
  • Spelling Check
  • Autoreversing on Negative Questions
  • Open-Ended Questions
  • Six-Cell Questions

2. Survey Administration

  • Participant Pool Database: User-Definable Field Names, Standard Database-File Importing and Exporting, Up to 32,000 Records per Pool, Unlimited Number of Pools, Simple Random, Stratified Random, and Cluster Samples
  • Produce Distribution Lists and Mailing Labels
  • Track All Surveys, Administrations, and Reports
  • Scan, Import, or Manually Enter Survey-Response Data
  • Schedule, Budget, and Track Survey Projects
  • Create Survey Sample Based on User-Defined Parameters: Expected Percentage of Surveys to be Returned, Allowable Margin of Error, Confidence Level

3. Survey Analysis

Types of Report Options:

  • Frequency Distribution
  • Descriptive Mean
  • Favorable/Unfavorable
  • Six-Cell
  • 360-Degree Profile
  • Trend Analysis (automatic or manual)

Reports on Entire Survey or Selected Participants, Demographic Cuts and Comparisons, Professional Quality Reports, Analysis Options: Mean Score, Mode, Rank, Standard Deviation, Margin of Error, 360-Degree Profile Options, Confidence Level

As the model below illustrates, each potential influence can be assigned an influence level (i.e., individual, social, or organizational) and then can be put into its appropriate motivation or ability cell.




Do I enjoy the behavior itself?

Can I do what is required?


How will others respond? (requests, invitations, demands, threats, praise, recognition)

Will others provide the needed help authority, information, and resources?


What are the formal rewards? (pay, promotion, performance appraisal)

Are efforts blocked or facilitated by structures, systems, environment, size? (work flow, policy, procedure)

Survey Report - Customer Satisfaction

Survey Report - Organization Cultural Vitality

Organization Cultural Vitality sample questions webpage

Survey Report - 360 Dialogue

Survey Report - 360 Leadership Vitality

360 Leadership Vitality sample questions webpage

Please note: All sample profiles are available in PDF format. For assistance with PDF files, please refer to our File Help page.

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