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Assess Entry-Level Job Candidates in 16 Dimensions for Pre-Employment Indicators

Over integrity instrument is a behaviorally oriented, workplace-related assessment for entry-level employees.

Sample E-Net Hire Report

E-Net Hire is a highly customizable workplace attitudinal assessment system that has sixteen dimensions in a fully modular format.

If you would like to identify the attitudes, behaviors and work ethics of entry-level job applicants prior to your selection decision, look at E-Net Hire. E-Net Hire offers positive and negative indicators for pre-employment, probing questions for the interview, red-light caution warnings, and coaching tips under each category for post-hire applications.

Who Should be Hired? Getting the Right People Takes The Right Tools

Success in business depends on hiring the right people. Sometimes, success also depends on NOT hiring the wrong people.

The trick is sorting out who should and who should not be hired. Anyone who has been around knows there is no "silver bullet." It takes a variety of prudent business practices, which can include proper interviewing skills, calling references and background checks.

There is one other area that is crucial - using assessments to get to know the attitudes and behaviors of the prospective employees that are predictive of their conduct on the job, their work habits and how to coach them successfully.

E-Net Hire Targets the Largest Employee Group

Entry level/hourly wage employees. E-Net Hire is not intended for executive level or professional hiring purposes, but is an excellent fit for the general workplace environment.

E-Net Hire detects the following attitudes, behaviors and work experiences (click here for definitions):

  1. Positive Indicators:

    • Assertiveness
    • Influencing Others
    • Steadiness/Dependability
    • Attention to Detail (Gestalt)
    • Work Pace (Kinesthetic)
    • Attitude Towards Customer Service
    • Energy
    • Working with Supervisor Attitude

  2. Negative Indicators:

    • Theft/Honesty
    • Drug/Substance Abuse
    • Violence/Emotion
    • Diversity
    • Risk/Safety (validated for less than 2 yrs. college)
    • Tenure (validated for less than 2 yrs. college)
    • Supervisor & Customer Views (Resentment of Authority)
    • Values/Dependability

Select Your Own Assessment Requirements

E-Net Hire allows the hiring authority to select from four to sixteen different dimensions to measure for any applicant for any position. This represents 64,839 unique combinations of those 16 dimensions. With the sophisticated database engine that drives both the Internet and telephone versions of the Assessment System, there is now a new level of modularity available for corporations to use in employee selection.

The Position Profile Wizard is a powerful, Excel-based tool which reduces the time to choose which of the 16 dimensions (or panels) which would be of greatest value for selecting employees for a particular job/position. It takes about 15 minutes to answer the questions to analyze all 16 dimensions. At the conclusion of the position profiling session, each of the 16 dimensions is ranked from most to least important. The hiring authority then can select which dimensions will be used in the assessment tool. 64,839 unique assessment combinations reviewed and ranked in 15 minutes makes it possible to tailor assessments to the position - and only use and pay for what you really need.

Dramatic Case Study Demonstrates Benefits of Pre-Employment Assessment

One of the largest franchise owners of a nationwide temporary staffing agency was deeply concerned about the rapidly rising cost of workman's compensation claims. As the business grew (the organization generated 9-12,000 W-2's per year) the cost of those claims and the negative impact of sending out temp employees who did not show up, were troublesome, acted violently, could not control their emotions in the workplace or stole from the client company meant something needed to be done.

The solution they chose were the eight negative indicator panels developed by Dr. William Selkirk, now Vice President of Research and Development for Management Technology Consultants (MTC), an Indianapolis-area consulting firm. Initially, a validated study was conducted using 1,865 applicants who were actually hired.

The instrument was administered to each person hired, but the hiring authorities were not told the results of the assessment. The actual work record of each of the 1,865 individuals was tracked and the psychometrics designed to meet EEOC and ADA requirements. Upon completion of the validation study, the instrument became a standard part of the hiring process.

The Results were Dramatic!

  • 66% of the Workers' Compensation claims were eliminated
  • 21% reduction in the dollar amount of Workers' Compensation claims
  • 21% fewer customer complaints
  • 100% fewer acts of emotional / violent acts in the workplace
  • 100% fewer direct theft related behaviors
  • Fewer disruptive diversity issues among different races
  • A reduction in absenteeism behavior / no call / no shows
  • No adverse impact on protected minority applicants

Please note: All sample profiles are available in PDF format. For assistance with PDF files, please refer to our File Help page.

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