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E-Net Select™

Employ a Dynamic Internet Selection System Online Application Management and Tracking

Your job is the selection, development and retention of quality employees. How do you eliminate wasted time on candidates who are totally unqualified? What can you do to ensure that you are selecting the best of the available candidates? How do you make sure that quality applicants are being interviewed and are not “lost” on someone’s desktop? What can be done to create an expedited hiring process so those good candidates aren’t lost to competition? How can you improve the sharing of information among interviewers—and rapidly move qualified candidates to other departments? Can you reduce hiring risk by integrating background-checking services? …and deliver all this updated information on demand to any location, at any time of the day or night?

The answer is YES! You can accomplish it all, if you use the E-NetSelect™ Dynamic Online Selection Management and Tracking System.

E-Net Select™ Online Application Management and Tracking System

What Does E-Net Select™ Do?

  • Online interviews via the internet or over the telephone
  • Job board utility for your web site
  • “Hot Link” from a job board directly into the application process
  • Job Description
  • Company benefits description
  • "Filtering questions" to identify those who are – and are not – qualified candidates for the position in which they expressed an interest (those not qualified can be informed and dropped from the process if desired)
  • Ask skill or education related questions specific to the position
  • Select from templates or create your own custom interview questions
  • Optional psychometric assessment of job-related attitudes, beliefs and values predictive of workplace performance
  • Comprehensive job application form
  • Voluntary disclosure of EEOC information

How Do HR Managers use E-Net Select™?

  • Know Now! Notifies you by email each time a new application arrives. “Know Now!” is selectable by position and can be modified at any time. Email for individual positions can be directed to the same or different email addresses.
  • View Now! Gives you a one-screen access to all applicants for a position. You can see their applications, their assessment results, their résumés and interview notes.
  • Communicate Now! Communicate privately to the applicant with online interview progress posting.
  • Research Now! Request generation online for:
    • Background screening
    • Employment history verification
    • Education verification
    • Professional license verification
    • Substance abuse testing

Detailed Candidate Reports

  • View completed applications, including extensive search capability
  • Review assessment reports
  • Log notes on interviews and view notes from other interviewers

Candidate Communicator

  • Optionally post interview progress which only the applicant can view via the web
  • Communicate via email with the applicant

Integrated Candidate Researcher

  • Generate online requests for services and view the results for:
  • Background screening
  • Employment history verification
  • Education verification
  • Professional license verification
  • Substance abuse testing

Online Résumé Access

  • Recruiters can view a “cut and paste” résumé
  • Recruiters can download the uploaded version of a word processing, Adobe Acrobat or other version of a résumé

“One-Screen” Controls Access to Candidate Data

  • Select positions
  • Select applicants for those positions
  • Select application detail
  • Select background checking reports
  • Select assessment reports

How Do Applicants Use E-Net Select™?

In your advertising, direct all applicants to your own web site or use the toll free number we provide for the applicant’s response. The E-Net Select™ link connects applicants to the E-Net Select™ system. Applicants register and choose a password, and answer basic and filtering questions. If applicants don’t qualify based on filtering questions, they receive a message of thanks for their interest and a polite rejection. If applicants pass the filtering questions, optional online pre-employment assessments are immediately administered. Upon completing the assessments applicants fill out your company’s custom job applications online. They may also fill in text résumés or attach résumé documents. Applicants must agree to your terms as a condition of sending their applications. Applicants may submit EEOC data for company compliance use. Applicants may log in and check the status of their application.

Instant Benefits:

  • Affordable
  • Eliminate “lost” applications
  • Make better hiring decisions faster
  • “One Screen” access to all hiring data, assessments, notes and background checking reports
  • Communicate more effectively with applicants
  • Manage recruiter activity
  • Track the necessary statistics
  • Standardize the hiring process
  • Simple to use
  • Always up-to-date
  • Accessible for applicants via the Web or by telephone
  • Ease training - anyone can use
  • Fast to manage
  • No software to install
  • No special hardware to buy

The ToolBox Site Manager Puts You in Control

It is not necessary to install any custom software on your computer or on your server. Internet access and a standard browser (IE, Netscape, AOL) is all that is required to administer and manage the system. When you want to make a site change, you can ask us to do it, or you can do it yourself. Your authorized site manager can:

  • Create, edit and post a position
  • Manage access and security levels
  • Create new informational or filtering questions
  • Ensure standardization and compliance by restricting question creation to selecting from an approved library of questions
  • Add a new division or subordinate company
  • Manage the “Know Now!” instant notification service
  • Test the application process
  • Administer any and all locations and sites

Imagine having all the information you need at your fingertips for setting up interviews - all on one screen. All those who interview candidates have online access to just the information they need - together with a place for their evaluation notes about the candidate. E-Net Select™ simplifies and standardizes the hiring process. It helps you pick the best people for your company.

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