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Start today! Hire only People whose Talents and Passions Fit the Job

Stop the guessing game. With job fit, you lower turnover, increase productivity, and have happier employees. The approaching shortage of qualified workers is on everyone's minds. The 78 million Baby Boomers are being replaced by only 44 million Generations X and Y. More than a third of employees are looking for new jobs, and 38% of hiring managers are already having some difficulty finding good candidates. The Fit Series is a system that can determine which job applicants carry the right attitude and motivation to succeed in your business. The Talent Fit Report can be compared with the specific job requirements outlined in the Job Fit Report.

The Talent Fit report is also available in a Coaching version.

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Match Jobs to Talent with the the TTI Fit Series(tm) - Motivations, Behaviors, Work Distribution

Job-related talents are directly tied to job satisfaction and personal performance. When the talent required by the job is clearly defined and matched to the individual, everyone wins. These new bottom-line graph reports combine DISC Behavioral Style, Values, and a great time-management tool called Task Quotient. All three of these of these are also available separately in full narrative versions.

The Talent Fit (on the person) and Job Fit (on the job itself) reports include the following graphs:

  • Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values (6 areas) - Identifies the underlying values that personally motivate and reward you (or the rewards/culture system of a specific job). Your values identify what motivates you. To be successful and energized on the job, your underlying values must be satisfied through the nature of your work. When your passions and priorities match your work, you feel personally rewarded.
  • DISC Behavioral Hierarchy (8 areas) - The behavioral traits that most closely describe your natural behavioral style (or are most important to superior job performance in a particular position). When your job requires the use of your top behavioral strengths, your potential for success increases - as does your level of personal/professional satisfaction.
  • Task Quotient (3 areas) - An optimized work distribution that objectively analyzes the percentage of time spent troubleshooting, doing projects, or doing routine work for maximum motivation and job satisfaction. It compares your ideal preferences on time spent (talent) against the actual job structure (job). Matching the tasks that motivate the person to the tasks of the job result in highly productive and happy employees.

Sample Fit Series Profiles

The TTI Fit Series(r) is a registered trademark of Target Training International, Ltd.

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