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Oral Drug Testing with Intercept - Straight Answers

  1. Which drugs can you detect in oral fluid?

    The Intercept oral fluid drug testing service can detect the NIDA-5 drug panel (marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP) which are the most common drugs requested for workplace drug testing. Additional drug tests will be added to serve the needs of the criminal justice market.

  2. How does the detection window for oral fluid testing compare with other methods?

    Just like traditional urine testing, the window in oral fluid testing is different for each drug. What we have found interesting is that oral fluid testing identifies recent usage - during the first four hours after drug use - that can be missed by urine testing. For most drugs, the window of detection in oral fluid is about one-to-three days. By contrast, urine testing relies on drug metabolites retained in the body's waste supply and may detect some drugs for a longer period.

  3. What methodology do you employ?

    Oral fluid samples are first screened in a laboratory using enzyme immunoassay technology, proven reliable for routine drug testing. Any samples that test positive in the screening process are then subjected to gas chromatography / mass spectrometry (GUMSIMS), the latest in drug confirmation technology. This tandem MS provides the most sensitive fingerprint of the drug target available.

  4. How is the data reported?

    As with all laboratory- based testing, results are logged in the computerized information system and electronically reported to the client.

  5. Can an oral fluid test be beaten?

    We have studied a wide range of adulterants and have not found any that can beat our test. Of course, donors may attempt to introduce something onto the pad or collection vial. This risk is highly unlikely since every collection is directly and easily observed.

  6. Who collects the sample?

    Swab, Snap, Seal

    The beauty of oral fluid testing is that the donor collects his or her own sample under direct visual supervision. The donor places the collection pad in his or her cheek and gum for at least two minutes. Once the absorbent collection pad is saturated, it is placed in a vial, the handle of the collection device is snapped off at the rim of the vial, the vial is sealed, and the donor initials the seal. The entire process takes just 5 minutes.

  7. How much does it cost?

    Oral fluid drug testing can be significantly less than traditional urine testing. The economic advantage of the Intercept' service is that it can reduce the cost of collections, scheduling fees, and lost time on the job.

  8. What is the turnaround time?

    Samples are sent to the lab via overnight courier. Testing is performed the day samples arrive and negative results are reported by early afternoon. Positive results are confirmed, reviewed and reported within 72 hours of receipt.

  9. Isn't oral fluid a hazardous fluid?

    No. Because the testing methodology is not classified as a dental process, OSHA does not consider oral fluid collections hazardous. In addition, oral fluid specimens are not subject to the same handling and disposal issues that face other body fluids.

  10. How do you know if you have enough sample to test?

    If the donor keeps the collection pad in his or her mouth for at least two minutes, as indicated on the package, there is enough to test. The collection pad is treated with salts to stimulate oral fluid secretion, making the process very reliable. In fact, based on existing experience for life insurance testing, only 1 in 10,000 samples was reported as insufficient for testing.

  11. How do I get more information?

    Please call us at 404-814-0739 or fill in our on-line form.

  12. What are the state-by-state laws regarding oral fluid drug testing?


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