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SalesMax - Assess Sales Personality, Knowledge, and Motivations

Discover, Train, Coach, and Retain Superior Salespeople

SalesMax for Top Sales Performers Selection

Identifies behaviors, knowledge, motivators for B2B relationship sales. Rates probability of success.

SalesMax was developed and designed to help sales managers make better, more well informed hiring decisions. The goal of SalesMax is to increase the potential of hiring top performers more often than underperformers. It provides interview questions and reference probes for use during the selection process.

Sample SalesMax Selection Report for Pre-employment

SalesMax for Professional Development

Provides coaching and recommendations based on behavior and knowledge scores.

Sample SalesMax Development Report for Current Salespeople

Break the 80-20 Sales Rule

The Personality, Knowledge and Motivations of Superior Sales Performers

SalesMax was designed and validated with top performers and built around a consultative win-win sales approach. Web-based, it is easy to use in the field and can be customized to your organization. SalesMax examines the 3 areas that affect successful selling - sales personality, knowledge and motivations. SalesMax has been designed and validated to consistently identify candidates with superior sales potential. Candidates who score "BEST" on SalesMax:

  • Achieve, on average, over 95% of their sales targets.
  • Are rated as "top" or "superior" performers by their employers.
  • Sell nearly 3 times as much as "AVOID" or "OK" performers.

Personality Index Range Chart

The challenge for Sales Managers today is discovering, coaching, training and retaining effective, successful salespeople for their organization. Sales Managers realize and understand the importance of selecting the best who focus on better satisfying the needs of prospects and clients, will be successful in their market. Top sales performers bring important traits, characteristics, motivations and knowledge to sales that under-performers may not possess.

Assesses Sales Personality:

Success begins with the basic disposition for sales. Personality traits are stable characteristics that are not easily changed through training. Sales candidates should possess the right personality from the start. SalesMax measures personality characteristics that contribute to someone's effectiveness in the sales role:

  • Energy
  • Optimism
  • Assertiveness
  • Expressiveness
  • Follow Through
  • Resilience
  • Sociability
  • Responsibility

Plus three secondary factors to help manage the candidate, if hired

  • Self-Reliance
  • Accommodation
  • Positive View of People

Measures Sales Knowledge:

SalesMax measures the candidate's knowledge of effective strategies for various sales situations. Experienced candidates should score well in most of these areas. For the inexperienced or poorly trained candidate, SalesMax helps you target training needs. The sales knowledge areas it evaluates are:

  • Prospecting / Pre-qualifying
  • Probing / Presenting
  • Influencing / Convincing
  • First Meeting / First Impressions
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Closing

Gauges Sales Motivations:

The Motivations Section of SalesMax will help you gauge the fit between the candidate's motivational needs, your supervisory style, and the rewards available in your organization. SalesMax looks at these motivators:

  • Recognition/Attention
  • Money
  • Developing Expertise
  • Security/Stability
  • Control
  • Freedom
  • Affiliation
  • Achievement

A report includes a graphic profile highlighting the personality, knowledge and motivations. A potential sales success score is given with success zone scores ranging from 0 to 8.

Number of Scores in Probability of Success:

Insights into a candidate's potential assets and liabilities are listed for each area. The report is designed to help in the interview process by providing the Sales Manager with a detailed explanation of the candidate's potential liabilities. It provides interview questions and reference probes for use during the selection process.

Template your present sales team or have success profiles developed specifically for your organization for consistent hiring of salespeople who are can best sell your particular product to your target audience.

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SalesMax - Sample Selection Report for Pre-employment

SalesMax - Sample Development Report for Current Salespeople

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