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Select Multi-Position Associate Pre-Employment System

Validated Associate Sales and Service Screening Tool - Associate-Level Customer Service, Healthcare, Administrative, Retail, Service, and Sales Management Employees

The Select Associate Screening System is a family of related assessments designed to measure important, work-related, personality and integrity characteristics in applicants for entry-level jobs.

Select identifies those persons who will be positive service providers with stable work-related personality characteristics and productive work behaviors.

Only dimensions that were proven statistically to make a difference between top performers and sub-par performers are applied for each benchmarked position.

Successful service agents enjoy the service role, exceed customer expectations, foster new and repeat business, work cooperatively with others, show composure under stress, and demonstrate integrity and a work ethic. Increase your profits and customer satisfaction!

America's businesses, shops, malls and healthcare facilities are staffed with ill chosen retail sales representatives, customer service associates and caregivers. These ill chosen employees often do not show up for work when they are supposed to, and worse, what kind of effort will they put forth and how will they treat your clients, customer and patients?

Clients, customers and patients have many choices in today's marketplace. It is no longer enough to have great products, put the inventory on the shelf or have the latest in technology.

Select Associate Screening System Today's marketplace is competitive and top performing employees make the difference between success and mediocrity. A recent study revealed receptionists, administrative assistants, retail sales associates, airline reservation agents, convenience store associates sold more products and services - in fact a total on average of 20% more - than their peers with poor client, customer or patient skills!

Select Assessment Sample Reports by Position:

Are you doing all that you can to sort the wheat from the chaff?

How do you identify those potential employees who will be reliable, treat your clients, customers and patients with courtesy and friendliness while being responsive to their needs and requests?

Select was developed by Consulting Psychologists. Their goal was to develop a test to help organizations, business owners and managers identify potential employees who will be valuable assets to organizations like yours. Companies including Radio Shack, AirGas, Northern Tool, Select Comfort, Circle K, Wilson Leather, Budget and hundreds of others have discovered the positive results achieved by using Select. Select measures key dimensions of the service personality including: positive service attitude, energy level, frustration tolerance, multitasking, diversity, accommodation to others, integrity and other dimensions important to success in a given job. It produces a predictive score including a 3 to 8 page report with a structured interview and specific questions based on the candidate's score.

Depending on your sector, you may have more specific areas of concern. The program addresses these with validated templates. For example, Call Center has validated questions specific to inbound and outbound sales as well as inbound service. Easy to customize and validate for your organization, some of the situation-specific dimensions that could be assessed include: multitasking, attention to detail, self-reliance, task focus, interpersonal insight, criticism tolerance, social comfort, empathy, and so on. Benchmarked dimensions of a particular position may include these areas:

  • Integrity
  • Energy Level
  • Frustration Tolerance
  • Accommodation to Others
  • Positive Service Attitude
  • Acceptance of Diversity
  • Multi-tasking
  • Dependability
  • Empathy
  • Attention to Detail
  • Self-control
  • Criticism Tolerance
  • Productive Attitude
  • Interpersonal Insight
  • Self-reliance
  • Task Focus
  • Retail Math Skills (optional)
  • Reading Skills (optional)
  • Counterproductive Behaviors (optional)

Includes modules for customer service, personal services, production and distribution, hospitality, administrative support and call center positions. Specialized versions for the health care industry, retail sales and sales management are available.

  • Validated for Specific Jobs and Industries
  • Predictive of Job Success
  • Developed by Organizational Psychologists
  • Graphic To-the-Point Simplicity
  • Validation and Translation for Other Cultures
  • EEOC/ADA Compliant
  • Structured Interview Development
  • Rates Responses
  • Interview Suggestions for Potential Problem Areas
  • Summary Reports
  • Demographic Breakdowns
  • System Reports (by score, position, date, location, type)

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