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MFS Sales Strategy Index™ Training Tapes

Data Dome now offers the MFS Sales Strategy Index™ Training Tapes. Each set of six cassettes is a target-training in one of the six areas of challenge or weakness as identified in the SSI Profile. The complete MFS Sales Strategy Index™ Training Series includes 36 cassettes.

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Prospecting & Qualifying

  • Cold Calling: Prospecting skills, necessary mind-set for proactive prospecting.
  • Time & Territory Management: Strategies, avoid procrastination, 11 boosters.
  • Telephone Skills: 6 keys, adaptive responses, fatal errors, 14 insider secrets.
  • Self-Starting Capacity: How to develop consistency, discipline, and resiliency.
  • Handling Rejection: Solutions, handling objections, specific shortcuts.
  • Persistence: Psychological and practical approaches, maintaining continuity.

Making First Impressions

  • Engaging Customers: Uncovering problems, approach and involve clients.
  • Projecting Rapport: Projecting openness, concern, trust.
  • Courtesy and Politeness: Business etiquette, strategies for implementing.
  • Relating to Others: Little-known ways to find root cause of communication problems, strategies to enhance interpersonal skills, self-image.
  • Evaluating Others: How to get an accurate reading of prospects.
  • Taking the Initiative With Others: Principles of proactive interaction.

Qualifying & Probing

  • Qualifying Buyers: Skills and knowledge to artfully qualify, essential tips.
  • Questioning Strength: Asking the right questions in the right ways.
  • Accurate Listening: Recapture the "lost art" of powerful listening.
  • Understanding Needs: Deliver on-target specific solutions to even the most poorly verbalized needs.
  • Patience: Determine the best pace for vitality, 5 guiding principles.
  • Maintaining Goal Focus: Engaging, a "must listen" for maintaining direction.


  • Solving Sales Problems: Master the problem solving methods of winners.
  • Identifying Buying Signals: Reframe, restate, utilize verbal and non-verbal cues.
  • Maintaining Trust: Harness the most compelling element for selling value.
  • Emotional Connection: Information-dense session on powerful principles.
  • Correct Use of Resources: Learn when and how to use your resources.
  • Problem Resolution: Identify and resolve problems with 3-step process.

Demonstrating the Product

  • Giving an Effective Presentation: Nuts and bolts of value/quality/price.
  • Persuading Others: Crash course on becoming a master of persuasion.
  • Balanced Communication: Strike a balance between talking and listening.
  • Concrete Organization: In-depth, step-by-step solutions to disorganization.
  • Personal Flexibility: Secrets to avoid stress, rigid thinking, lack of creativity.
  • Using Common Sense: Uncovers the myths, unfolds the secrets for sales.

Closing the Sale

  • Dealing with Objections: Winners have these skills! Up-to-date strategies.
  • Closing the Sale: Proven and tested methods, sure-fire ways to build client- base.
  • Identifying Objections: Isolate and corral objections, stalls and smoke screens.
  • Courage: Develop and call on courage to target, progress, and complete.
  • Self-Control: Guidelines for maintaining composure, no matter what!
  • Becoming Results-Oriented: Clear set of actions to offset weakness in this area, and rise to the challenge to adapting to succeed.

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