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SSM - Strategic Success Modeling for Selection and Development

SSM is a system for selection and development that describes characteristics that may influence job performance in a specific position. The SSM system develops a company-specific job competency model, then compares the set of specific competencies of a particular person to those intrinsic to success in the position.

The report will not only provide you with targeted interview questions, but it will also tell you what to listen for in the answers!

Competency in an area is a result of many factors working together, which include innate characteristics (natural ability, personality) and learned characteristics (knowledge, experience and skills). People who have the right competencies (or a good potential for developing these competencies) will be able to do the right things (behaviors) to produce the desired results (effective outcomes).

The Selection Report includes

  • An overview of the set of competencies important to success in the specific position.
  • An evaluation of the candidate's work-related personality and abilities in relation to the competency model. Includes a breakdown of critical areas, with percentage profile match. In ability tests such as critical thinking and abstract reasoning, scores are compared to norms of the general population as well as the profession.
  • A structured competency-oriented interview protocol to use to evaluate the skills, knowledge and other learned characteristics important to this job. Includes specific interview questions, and additional probes based on the results, and a decision-making chart.
  • Detailed management suggestions that identify potential problem areas for the candidate and recommends an approach to optimize his/her effectiveness. For example, one candidate's analysis and decision making abilities could be improved by tempering impulsiveness with a more serious-minded approach. Addressing this tendency would improve both visioning and decisive judgment. Exercises and suggestions for further reading are provided.
  • A detailed graphical success profile with both specific personality characteristics and overall success potential (see graph below).

Download Sample SSM Selection Report

The Development Report includes

  • An overview of the competency model
  • Feedback on how your personality and abilities may help or hinder the development or display of each competency. Specific personality characteristics (such as your level of optimism) are correlated with implications for the specific competency (such as motivating others).
  • Specific and detailed development suggestions and resources are terrific for self-coaching. Tips, techniques for improvement, suggested activities and things to avoid are included, as well as additional resources (such as books, tapes, and seminars).
  • A career development process module includes Self Awareness (capitalizing on strengths, recognizing areas for improvement), Goal Setting, Development Priorities, Building Development Action Plans, and Implementation.
  • A detailed graphical success profile with both specific personality characteristics and overall success potential (see graph below).

Download Sample SSM Development Report

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