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Task Quotient™ - What combination of task types is best?

Task Quotient

Do You Need Answers to Any of These Questions?

  1. How motivating is the current work environment?
  2. How well aligned are the employees to the current job or to a new job?
  3. What can easily be done to improve job satisfaction and productivity in the current work environment?
  4. What mixture, sequence, and frequency of task types create the best job for the employees?

This assessment tool evaluates an employee's current job alignment, or it can be used to prescreen job candidates for best job fit. The TQ assessment tool helps retain a quality workforce by identifying the best combination of work tasks that create high job satisfaction and motivation in employees. Employees can easily learn their work motivators and detractors with the Task Quotient, helping them to improve time management and productivity.

Task Quotient also assists managers in other areas such as:
  • Selection
  • Assigning tasks more effectively among team members
  • Pinpointing organizational needs

What is a Task Quotient™?

TQ is defined as the percentage mixture of each of the 3 task types (Routine, Trouble-Shooting and Project) - they add up to 100%. There are 496 different TQ mixtures that define our optimal state of motivation.

Depending on which TQ assessment report you choose, it may define:

  1. Ideal/preferred mixture of task types.
  2. Current job's actual percentage mixture of task types.
  3. Current job's optimal percentage mixture of task types.
  4. The percentage change needed for each task type to move you from the actual to ideal (preferred) state.
  5. The percentage change needed for each task type to move your current job to an optimal (efficient) state.
  6. Current level of job satisfaction.
  7. An action plan methodology that you can individually use to improve your job satisfaction. This plan can be extended to discussions/recommendations between worker and manager for improved team member utilization.

Please note: All sample profiles are available in PDF format. For assistance with PDF files, please refer to our File Help page.

The Task Quotient™ is a trademark of TTI Performance Systems.

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