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SELECT and DEPLOY more Effectively to RETAIN the Best People - Prevue™

PrevueTM is a highly reliable assessment and benchmarking system for selecting new employees, coaching current employees, and planning for retention and succession.

The PrevueTM Assessment is designed to help you make better hiring decisions by using information on personality, interests, abilities, and working characteristics. The Prevue™ Assessment system is a powerful and precise method for measuring and matching the work-related characteristics of people to a psychometrically sound standard of high performance for the position. The Prevue™ Assessment identifies key candidate traits that may not align with successful job performance - then provides behavioral interviewing questions so that you can probe deeper into the candidate's experience and determine job fit suitability. Decisions made with the assistance of the Prevue™ system provide immediate - and dramatic - returns to your organization.

Sample PrevueTM Hiring Report
Sample PrevueTM Coaching Report
Sample PrevueTM Individual Report

Please note: All sample profiles are available in PDF format. For assistance with PDF files, please refer to our File Help page.

Assess Upper Management and Executives with Prevue™

  • Benchmark

    abilities, motivation and personality traits that predict success on the job.
  • Quantify

    and produce a percentile ranking of a candidate's fit with validated success profiles -- accurate, valid, reliable; and Prevue™ complies with EEOC fair hiring guidelines.
  • Generate

    a Selection Report with structured behavioral interview questions.
  • Accurately predict

    the candidate's on-the-job behavior before you hire: and the Total Person Report becomes an operating manual for managers.
  • Optimally match

    employees and managers with the Working Characteristics Report.
  • Provide feedback

    and development recommendations with the Coaching Report.
  • Plan career paths

    with the Succession Planning Report.
  • Build teams

  • Train

    to cognitive learning styles.
  • Delegate

    with confidence.
  • Dramatically reduce turnover

    with better job fit.
  • Increase job satisfaction

    through skilled and empowered people.
  • Reduce interpersonal conflict

    and work-related stress.

Administer manually, on-screen, in large groups, or by email and internet.

Quality is assured by four internal validity measures. Customize interview questions and coaching recommendations.

Prevue™ is used as a pre and post employment tool

The PrevueTM is used to reduce turnover and increase productivity. It is a great tool to manage and coach people in various positions, from sales and IT to management and executive. It measures the three critical characteristics of people necessary to achieve total job matching: abilities, interest, and personality traits.

The individual is compared to a job pattern (the shaded areas on the Sample Hiring Report) specifically for a particular job in the organization. This job pattern is derived by analyzing the scores of the top and bottom 20% of current performers in the position and combining that with the results of a questionnaire regarding the job. Each position in the organization would have a different job pattern. A percentage fit to the pattern is given in each of the critical areas along with a total percentage fit to the job. Interview questions are provided in the Hiring Report where the person scores outside of the job pattern.

In addition to the Hiring Report, described above, there is also a Coaching Report. It is like the Hiring Report but gives you management and coaching suggestions rather than interview questions. An Individual Report is also available and is intended to be given to an individual for self-awareness and professional development. It does not compare the person to a job pattern and is non-threatening in language and presentation..

The Prevue™ is much more than an assessment.

It gives you customized Job Match patterns, suggests relevant interview questions, yields a percentage match when comparing a candidate to your top performers and provides a detailed positive analysis of the individuals you assess.

Prevue™ is the assessment to use for a thorough analysis of people, job responsibilities, and job match. It is an extremely valuable management tool that will help you build a stronger, more productive organization and reach your important goals as you ensure that the best people are in the best jobs.

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