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The TriMetrix™ System

Where Opportunity Meets Talent!

Businesses everywhere are seeking better ways to secure the talent necessary to their success. Jobs and the specific talents of the people who fill them are the unique building blocks of a company's success. But what talents does a "job" require for optimum performance? Only the JOB has the answer, so let the "job" talk, and listen carefully.

The revolutionary TriMetrix™ System enables businesses to benchmark jobs and assess the talents they require for maximum performance. The process can be applied and reapplied to any job, anytime in a constantly changing business environment. TriMetrix™ analyzes a position, defines a development plan, and compares incumbents or applicants to a job. The TriMetrix™ System analyzes 37 factors: 23 personal skills, 6 attitudes and 8 behaviors. The system looks at the position as well as the person, then makes a comparison of the two. In fact, it will compare up to five applicants to one position. Validity indicators help to verify the authenticity and candor of the candidate's responses.

First, Benchmark the Job!

Key Accountabilities

The TriMetrix™ System begins with a list of "key accountabilities" of each targeted job. Key accountabilities are the critical goals and key business successes the job is accountable for producing. When defined, they serve as a reference point in producing the TriMetrix ™Job Report.

TriMetrix Job Plus Report

The TriMetrix™ Job Plus Report is a job benchmark. It provides a template for specific talent selection for the successful performance of that job. Based on a unique 37-factor analysis, the TriMetrix™ Job Report lists the job's requirements into three separate talent categories: rewards/culture, behavioral traits and job attributes. The Job Plus report also includes interviewing questions.

Second, Assess Personal!

Interviewers agree that the interview process is minimally effective at best. What is needed is an unbiased assessment that reveals people’s VALUES that motivate them to do a job, the BEHAVIORS they will bring to the job, and whether they have the specific talents - or CAPACITIES - needed for the job.

TriMetrix™ Personal Report

The TriMetrix™ System's Personal Report (or Personal Plus Report) provides a summary of a person's talent to match the identical areas outlined in the TriMetrix Job Report. Within the framework of a company's overall selection and development processes, this report reveals the WHY (values), HOW (behaviors) and WHAT (attributes) an individual can contribute to a job.

  • 38 Core Attributes listed with scores and sorted
  • 23 Personal Capacity categories (directly correspond to those in the Job/Job Plus reports).
  • 6 Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values (correspond to Rewards/Culture in the Job/Job Plus reports)
  • 8 Behavioral Traits Hierarchy (directly correspond to those in the Job/Job Plus reports).
  • Clarity and Focus page
  • TriMetrix™ Dimensional Balance page
  • Category Breakdown page
  • The Personal Plus report also includes feedback for the top items in each category (7 attributes, 3 values, 3 behavioral traits)

Now, Match the Talent to the Job!

The right TALENT in the right JOB spells success! The TriMetrix™ System enables companies to replace common biases often involved in the selection process with factual data based on JOB REQUIREMENTS.

Applications for TriMetrix™ in your Business

The TriMetrix™ System has been developed for a multitude of business applications, including:

  • Job Benchmarking
  • Talent Selection
  • Employee Coaching
  • Employee Development
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Succession Planning
  • Organization Development

Begin today with a review of how the TriMetrix™ System can contribute to the successful application of talent within your organization — and lay the foundation for business success.

TriMetrix™ Reports - Download a Sample Profile Report

The TriMetrix™ System is a trademark of Bill Brooks and Bill J. Bonnstetter.

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