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We have the expertise to match you to the best tools to achieve your organizational goals:

Pre-Employment Selection

Advanced tools to help you hire the right person for the job. See our section on Pre-Employment.

Sales Hiring and Development

We offer objective tools to help you select the best sales candidates and can help you identify which weak links on your sales team are salvageable and which are not. For more on how to build a stronger sales team visit the product page for our Sales-Potential Assessment.

Behavioral, Communication, Team Building and Coaching Tools

Sophisticated profiles give you the knowledge needed to enhance corporate productivity with your existing personnel while promoting their personal satisfaction. To learn more about our solutions and tools for coaches visit Behavioral, Communication, Team Building and Coaching Tools.


Surveys to take your corporate pulse - We specialize in getting employees and customers to tell what they are really thinking. Find out more on the Surveying page.

Data Dome offers a wide variety of assessment tools, DISC profiles and surveys for a range of corporate applications:

  • Hiring:

    Better Information = Better Decisions. Take the guesswork out of hiring, find the right person for the right job, decrease job stress, and reduce employee turnover and associated costs.

  • Interviewing:

    Use our pre-employment assessment tools to help evaluate behavioral style, motivations, soft skills and more advanced hard skills and to guide and enhance the interview process.

  • Orientation:

    Establish expectations of employee behavior optimal for a particular position or class of positions with precision and clarity.

  • Training:

    Enhance internal communication, foster better understanding of individual employees and managers, improve employee morale, enhance teamwork skills, and create a framework for innovative programs and approaches to doing business.

  • Communication:

    Decrease internal conflicts among employees and managers, avoid misunderstandings, and enhance abilities to recognize, understand and resolve personnel problems.

  • Team Building:

    Blend a wide variety of personal behavioral styles to enhance communication and help team members understand and achieve common goals.

  • Career Planning:

    Build on individual strengths, understand and compensate for individual weaknesses, and define opportunities that best fit individual talents.

  • Surveying:

    Asking your employees and customers the right questions in the right way and eliciting open comments is both an art form and a science. The results are essential to business development and bottom-line profits.

Too many choices? Try our Product Wizard to help you select the tool that's right for you, or contact us for a complimentary needs consultation.

Want to know more about the proper use of DISC profiles and assessments?

Here is some recommended reading on the topic:

Testing and Assessment: An Employer's Guide to Good Practices (US Department of Labor) - A guide to help managers and human resource (HR) professionals use appropriate and effective assessment practices.

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