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Are you tired of disappointing sales hires?

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Admit it, they all looked like great salespeople when you hired them...

So how come so few end up being your top performers? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was easier to tell which candidates to avoid and which ones had the highest likelihood of excelling at sales?

Lots of people know how to dress like salespeople.
Some know how to talk like salespeople.
But when it comes to performance, how many behave like salespeople?

Even with training and experience some people never become standout performers. They just don’t seem to have what it takes to make it to the top, and the fact is, it is costing you money.


How significant is the dollar difference in performance between your company's top sales performers and bottom performers? Is it hundreds of thousands of dollars? Or is it even millions of dollars in sales per year?

Imagine the difference adding even just
one more top performer would make to your team.
But why stop there?

Sales-Potential Assessments

“55% of the people earning their living in sales should be doing something else”

That's not just some opinion from a frustrated sales manager: Herb Greenberg, Harold Weinstein and Patrick Sweeney came to this conclusion while researching for their book, How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer: The Five Qualities That Make Salespeople Great.

The team reached this alarming statistic by comparing actual sales performance data with the results of hundreds of thousands of assessments.
Our Sales-Potential Assessments save sales managers time, effort and money by screening-in sales candidates with the greatest potential of sales success and screening-out the ones to avoid.
  • Hire more top performers.
  • Avoid hiring potential sales failures.
  • Have more time to work with your top performers.
  • Salvage hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in unrealized potential.
  • Easy-to-read reports - clear ranges for AVOID, OK, GOOD, BETTER and BEST
  • Increase sales.
  • Please more customers.

Tools You Can Trust

Organizations like Oracle, Verizon, Sentry Insurance, Batteries Plus and hundreds of other businesses have learned the benefits of using objective tools to hire and develop their top performers. Our Sales-Potential Assessments apply behavioral and motivational metrics to remove the subjective biases from the process of separating sales candidates you should avoid from those that show the strongest sales success aptitude.

Objective not Subjective

A key reason why companies are unable to meet their own expectations for sales performance is that their hiring decisions are based entirely on SUBJECTIVE information. Consider the following:

  • What are resumes? They are a job applicant's subjective description of his or her capabilities and experience, written for the sole purpose of convincing the reader to invite the applicant to an interview.*

  • What happens during an interview? Interviewees attempt to answer questions in a manner that makes the best impression. Meanwhile, interviewers form personal opinions about the candidates and their qualifications. Are they getting the candidate’s answers or answers from a book on how to interview successfully?*

  • * According to Lou Adler, who is the author of Hire With Your Head.

Our Sales-Potential Assessments are painstakingly researched and thoroughly tested to deliver the most accurate and objective results possible. The reports they generate will help you hire more top performing salespeople immediately.

Know Who Has Potential and Who to AVOID

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One of the key advantages you'll get from objective assessment data is the ability to compare a candidate's results with the performance data of others who have the same scores. The Sales-Potential Assessment uses this information to assign candidates to clearly labeled ranges based on statistical performance, thus the ones with top performance potential are placed in the BEST range and the ones with the least sales aptitude are marked AVOID.

Interviews: Efficient and Enhanced

You will have an online system with the ability to administer our sales test to your prospective sales candidates from anywhere in the world.

Why invest thousand of dollars to bring a candidate to your headquarters
for an interview before you know if they have true sales aptitude?

The Sales-Potential Assessment uses objective data to make recommendations regarding the candidates worth pursuing and the ones to avoid - saving you money by letting you be choosier before spending on travel and tying up your people for the interview process.

Beyond making recommendations, your new tool will even help you build a more comprehensive interview to assist your sales manager: The Sales-Potential Assessment uses a candidate's score on the test as a guide to tailor a set of questions designed to target and reveal the candidate's sales aptitude and/or inherent weaknesses. These are customized questions that a candidate has not heard before and therefore they won't have a pre-rehearsed "by the book" answer.

The Sales-Potential Assessment even generates specific questions to ask a candidate's references. Our job isn't just to help you consistently hire more and better salespeople, but also to make the entire hiring process easier on your sales manager.

Sales Development - Because Even Great Hires Need Help Achieving Their Full Potential

The Sales-Potential Assessments aren't just for screening sales candidates, they can help you understand the strengths, weaknesses, knowledge and knowledge gaps among your current sales professionals.

Use Sales-Potential Assessments to objectively gauge:

  • Eight primary and three secondary sales personality characteristics
  • Sales knowledge in six key phases of the sales lifecycle
  • Eight categories of candidate motivation essential to align with the job, supervisory style and reward structure of the organization.

Use this information to build templates based on your best performers and to target areas for training and development to grow the abilities of the rest.

Are you ready to build a better performing sales team?

Give us a call at 404-814-0739 or email so we can discuss your team's needs and get you on the road to top sales performance.

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