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Tools for Teams

Hire smarter. Fill in the gaps. Understand the interactions. Optimize team performance.

The effectiveness of your teams can make all the difference in the success or failure of your organization, department or project. Teams are complex because teams invariably bring together members with differing behavioral profiles and differing motivations & values. To help your business enjoy the benefits of more harmonious and effective teams we've gathered here some of our tools that are particularly useful in understanding team members' behaviors and drivers.

TTI Interactive Insights™ - Team Style

Team development process with assessment, action plan, and coaching updates. Learn the talents and strengths of each person or team member as they are clearly defined with the Value to the Organization summary. Build solid rapport between people who have different DISC styles with the Communication Checklist. Avoid confrontation and miscommunication with the "Communication Don'ts" for interacting with people of different communication styles.




TTI Success Insights™ - Team Behavioral Report

Effectiveness is enhanced when teams are comprised of people who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop and adapt strategies to meet the demands of the team dynamics and work environment.




TTI Success Insights™ - Team Motivators Report

This report measures the relative prominence, within a team, of six basic interests or attitudes: Theoretical, Utilitarian, Aesthetic, Social, Individualistic and Traditional. Attitudes are not always readily observed, but this tool helps to illuminate and amplify some of those motivating factors so you can build on the strengths that each person brings to a team.




TTI Success Insights™ - Team Building

In a team-building scenario it is useful to remember that a team is more than a group with a task. The Team Building report helps you identify and harness individual energies, and effectively channel them toward group goals. Information is presented in a non-threatening manner to encourage members to share reports, recognize team priorities, resolve disagreement, blend their styles and achieve team goals.




Assessment Codes Key

  • A = awareness, capabilities
  • B = behavioral preferences, style, traits
  • H = hard skills, knowledge
  • I = integrity, honesty, work ethic
  • P = priorities, passions, motivators

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