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Find the job that is behaviorally compatible with your natural preferences! Includes a personal behavioral style report, a description of the job and work environment that would best suit you, and a listing of O-Net jobs that are most compatible with your behavioral style (O-Net, or the Occupational Information Network, is the database used by the Department of Labor).

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Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

A person's behavior is a necessary and integral part of who they are. In other words, much of our behavior comes from "nature" (inherent), and much comes from "nurture" (our upbringing). It is the universal language of "how we act," or our observable human behavior.

Don't just follow the path of least resistance - take control of your career!

By understanding which behaviors lend themselves to different career paths you can make conscious choices about the direction that suits your style.

In this report we are measuring four dimensions of normal behavior. They are:
  • How you respond to problems and challenges.
  • How you influence others to your point of view.
  • How you respond to the pace of the environment.
  • How you respond to rules and procedures set by others.

This report analyzes behavioral style; that is, a person's manner of doing things. The Job Indicator section of TTI’s Successful Career Planning report has been designed to stretch your imagination and give you ideas. This section will present a listing of jobs that can provide a suitable match to your natural behavioral style, as identified earlier in the report. Review these potential jobs and decide which of them appeal to your individual preferences, values and lifestyle. Remember, they are designed to stretch your imagination and give you ideas!

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Aptitude and Attitude - Understand the Motivators Behind the Behavior

When exploring the behavioral fit for a career choice it is also helpful to understand the values of the individual that act as motivators for behavior. For this reason we recommend that those taking the Career Planning Insights also take the Workplace Motivators assessment.

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