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Behavioral, Communication, Team Building and Coaching Tools

Using Existing Personnel to Enhance Corporate Productivity and Personal Satisfaction

  • DISC Behavioral Style Analysis for Management/Staff

    Staff or Team Building - TTI Success Insights advanced DISC behavioral style analysis tools for Executives, Managers, Salespeople, Customer Service personnel, General Staff and teams.

  • Behavioral Style Job Analysis / Work Environment

    Creates a behavioral style personality profile of the job or team position; used for job descriptions, communication, and building validated position benchmarks.

  • Workplace Motivators: Personal Interests Attitudes and Values

    Prioritizes the forces that motivate members of the workforce by the relative weight of the theoretical, economic, aesthetic, social, regulatory, and individualistic values and describes the behavioral influences of these motivators.

  • Trimetrix System

    Personal Talent Plus measures core attitudes, personal attributes, values, and behavioral traits, with feedback on top items for personal development.

  • Assess Selection or Development

    Assesses behavioral (interpersonal) style, thinking style, motivations, work style and optional intellectual abilities (critical thinking, abstract reasoning, verbal comprehension, mental alertness). 360-degree feedback now available.

Position Profiling

  • Trimetrix System

    Analyzes a position with 37 factors, defines a development plan, and compares incumbents or applicants to a position.

  • SSM Strategic Success Modeling

    Process for using the Assess Expert System to create a definition of the job itself, and then to compare the person to the position profile.

  • Behavioral Style Job Analysis / Work Environment

    Creates a detailed DISC behavioral style personality profile of the job itself for use in job descriptions, communication, and building valid position benchmarks.

  • Behavioral Job vs. Applicant Style

    Compares the behavioral style of the job and of the applicant after the optimal style of the job has a valid benchmark.

  • Task Quotient

    Measures the percentage of time spent on routine tasks, trouble-shooting, and projects. Multi-respondent, comparison, and development versions.

  • Talent/Job Fit Series

    Bottom-line graph reports combine behavioral style hierarchy, values, and the Task Quotient.

In addition to these tools Data Dome also provides executive coaching services.

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