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The Competitive Edge of DISC Behavioral Insights and Workforce Strategies

[back to top]Why use DISC Behavioral Style Analysis?

Using the best of the advanced DISC behavioral analysis tools allows you to meet and overcome your biggest people challenges. It is a cost-effective way to improve corporate climate and productivity and to leverage the unique contributions of each behavioral style to the functional roles of your organization.

DISC behavioral style analysis is a model, a theory. The application of the theory varies quite a bit across the hundreds of tools that use it. Some tools are better than others, and you have to know how to use the best tools to achieve maximum benefit. Pay close attention to what assessments of any kind actually measure, and whether that measurement has a direct correlation to job success. We will show you multiple applications of a single behavioral assessment that will benefit your organization for the entire life-cycle of each employee. To understand the behavioral preferences and strengths of self and others, and to grasp how to use these insights, produces better communications, better information, and better decision-making.

All problems require people to find and implement solutions. We'll give you the strategies to do more with less, to improve morale and productivity, and to retain your top talent in their optimal roles.

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[back to top]Reduce Turnover, Hire Better with Behavioral Compatibility

Although the typical American corporation bases 80% of their hiring on the hard skills of the person (education, training, experience), 85% of turnover is due to behavioral incompatibility. Technically, they may be able to do the job, but with time you discover that they don't seem to perform and are not thriving in the position. They simply are not motivated to take on their role. We can assist you to develop a behavioral understanding of the style of the job itself, identifying the optimal work environment for a person or a position. The closer your prospect's basic style matches the successful natural style of the position, the better. An ideal profile can be then be developed to hire employees who will thrive doing what they naturally like to do best. By assessing both the job itself and the candidates, you increase your information and objectivity to produce better decisions regardless of race, gender, etc.

Considering the high cost of turnover associated with employee training and development, it is in our clients' best interests to ensure the position is suited in all aspects to the employee and vice versa. Our methods and software are validated and EEOC/ADA compliant. Evaluate each of your top candidates to learn how and whether they will achieve success for your organization.

  • Will the person do the job and be satisfied?
  • How will the person handle stress, work pace and work with other people?
  • Why will they do the job and will they be satisfied?
  • How will they perform with tight schedules or upset customers?
  • Will they share and support the values of your organization?

In today's corporate climate, a focus on behavioral style is key to performance optimization.

[back to top]Reduce Miscommunication, Increase Win/Win Communication

Our assessments and processes can help you reduce three important types of miscommunication that can hinder your company's performance:

  • Intra-personal Miscommunication:

    that is, people who cannot accept their weaknesses along with their strengths. A "blind spot," as it is commonly called, can be extremely counterproductive if that weakness is job-related. Individuals working with people having these "blind spots" usually must compensate for those weaknesses. DISC behavioral style profiling gives insights that enable people to maximize their strengths while adapting, compensating for their weaknesses and rising to their challenges.

  • Inter-personal Miscommunication

    that is, not understanding, and therefore not appreciating, styles different from our own. This is devastating to manager/employee relationships and team building and encourages personality conflicts and counterproductive politics. We will arm you with an understanding of exactly how different styles prefer to be treated, complete with guidelines on what to do and what not to do in communicating and managing. When people understand how to adapt their style to the styles of others, it increases effective communication and encourages an atmosphere of mutual respect. We also provide methods for team engineering, which create a synergy of the strengths of each style.

  • Job Miscommunication:

    that is, not understanding what behaviors are optimal for a position or role on a team. This incongruity may be on the part of management, the employee or other team members. TQM and Deming programs today are directed towards this goal of consensus on roles. Most of these programs fail in the initial stages, however, due to interpersonal and group dynamics - that is, a failure to communicate objectively, fully and openly. We can help you to create an objective and valid description of the behavioral demands of the position (or the team role) itself, and improve the communications between different styles in a group.

[back to top]Some of the Many Applications of Behavioral Style Analysis

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Creating Behavioral Team Synergy
  • Productivity and Optimal Performance
  • Engagement and Committment
  • Making the Hardest Sales
  • How to Salvage Your Hiring Mistakes
  • Turning Arguments to Agreements
  • Managing and Inspiring Change
  • Objectively Indentify Optimal Position Behaviors
  • Career Planning
  • Time Management: How Our Style Wastes Our Time
  • Keeping Talent, Lowering Labor Cost
  • Getting to the Root of Workplace Anxiety
  • Identifying Style-Based Time Wasters
  • Preventing and Treating Burnout
  • Effective Right-sizing
  • Workplace Optimization
  • Poor Performance Troubleshooting

[back to top]Why use Data Dome for your DISC needs?

  • Free consultation to discuss your needs and goals
  • Understandable narrative reports - interpretion by industrial psychologists unnecessary
  • A wide variety of specialized reports and applications.
  • Validated DISC assessments offer 384 graph combinations (not just 4, 16, or even 64).
  • Our effective and ethical application of these validated tools has been proven to reduce turnover, increase productivity, build working teams, encourage effective communication, reduce conflict, promote mutual understanding, and develop an environment for self-motivation.
  • You won't be left floundering with another new "toy" but will be empowered to utilize this valuable information.
  • No minimum purchase contract - pay as you go. Volume discounts based on quarterly purchase.
  • We are the DISC doctors. Data Dome has proven our processes work through seminars and personnel evaluations conducted for companies such as the Bell-South Companies, Hewlett-Packard, Ernst & Young, Oracle, Georgia Pacific, Scientific Games, Arby's, Marriott and Robert Half International (see testimonials).

Your initial consultation is free. Call us today at 404-814-0739 to discuss how we can help you meet and exceed your needs and goals.

"We have found the Data Dome product to be the most detailed, accurate and easy to understand behavior indicator available. Using this information has helped us improve communications, teamwork, and management placement. Art Schoeck amazes me with his knowledge and understanding of DISC-based behavioral analysis."
- Pat Herreman, Dir. Management Placement, RTM Corporation

We offer seminars in which we assemble the information from a series of profiles to compare differences in communication style, management style, motivations and behavioral preferences within your team and appreciate the differences. Aligning team members' perceptions of each other's positions in behavioral terms is critical and enlightening. Put it together and you have taken the team's communications to new levels.

We can provide reference materials, consultations, graph reading applications workshops, seminars, coaching, speaking, and on-site/on-line corporate training. We also offer a DISC certification program (Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst) so that your own trainers, managers and HR authorities can become behavioral syle experts.

Sample DISC Behavioral Style Profiles

If you manage others in your organization and have purchasing authority, you may qualify for a free behavioral style profile. Use our contact form to order. We also offer a complimentary needs assessment (call us at 404-814-0739), and you can download sample behavioral style reports from our sample profiles page . Behavioral style profiles do not measure intelligence, hard skills, values, or interests. Some of the customizations of behavioral profiles are:

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