Data Dome Presents:
The Reinvention Workshop Series

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Are you think about reinventing yourself?

It’s no surprise that in difficult economic times people feel the urge to reinvent themselves. You might be looking at today’s changing circumstances and asking:
  • Did I pick the right corporate career?
  • Would I be happy as an entrepreneur?
  • How do I make these choices?

Take stock of your behaviors and motivations

Behavioral assessment expert and TTI Trainer of the Year, Art Schoeck, has designed this series of workshops specifically to answer these questions.

By delivering to you the essential data points based on your unique behaviors and motivations these workshops can help you make the big decisions about your career. Make the choice to path stay in corporate America or take the leap into building your own business confident that you have found the right track for you.

Three workshops that build on each other:

Thinking about reinvention

Reinvention I - An Introduction

A behavioral workshop for those considering entrepreneurship, a career change, or looking to find their fit in the corporate world:

Understand how your behavioral style can impact your career choices.

Learn what you need to know about yourself to make the right choices.

Reflecting on Reinvention

Reinvention II - Career Insights

A career reinvention workshop:
Behavioral insights for career planning and entrepreneurship.

Learn what you need to know about your behaviors to get to the next level.

Motivations for reinvention

Reinvention III - Align your Motivators

A career reinvention workshop:
Motivational insights for career planning and entrepreneurship.

Prerequisite: This workshop is only open to attendees who have already taken Reinvention II - Career Insights.

Learn what you need to know about what motivates you to make a successful change.

Expert Advice

In addition to the group sessions, each participant will be eligible for a free one-on-one consultation with TTI Trainer of the Year, Arthur Schoeck.

Meet your presenter:

"I've asked over 19,0000 people the same question: 'How many of you have had good, useful career advice in high school, college or beyond?' and in all my years nobody has raised their hand - that's why I created this workshop."

Arthur G. Schoeck is the founder and CEO of Data Dome, Inc. Art received his BA in Psychology from Florida State University and did his post-graduate research in Behavioral Psychology at the University of Florida. Art recently received, for the second time, the prestigious TTI International Trainer of the Year Award (selected from over 7000 national trainers located in 50 countries). He was also awarded the TTI Humanitarian Award for Community Service and is recognized for his dedication to excellence. Entertaining and informative, Art's speaking engagements offer practical, effective solutions to such common problems as high turnover, personality conflicts and poor communication. In just the last few years, more than 19,000 executives, managers and employees have given an overwhelmingly positive response to his skill, wit and wisdom.

The time to act is NOW!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn the behavioral insights and motivations that are your blueprint for reinventing your career and unlocking the road to personal fulfillment and success.

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