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Clash of the Titans: When Leaders have Colliding Styles - Watch Out!

The CEO and CFO of a Fortune 500 international database software corporation clash in a storm of embattled miscommunication - drowning the surrounding managers in their wake. Can the working relationship be salvaged?


Top level decision-makers including Vice Presidents and Managers


Correct dysfunctional team with a Team Building seminar.


The CEO and CFO of the division were having a very difficult time communicating. Misunderstanding one another at every turn, they were taking every communication "the wrong way." Work was not getting done, and they were accusing each other of incompetence. Other team members were drowning in the wake of their storm.


Behavioral Style analysis showed the key players to have intensely opposite Natural behavior styles. The competitive environments in which they they worked had only served to increase this intensity. Due to the high pressure and fast-paced world in which they operated, neither had prioritized the time to learn about each other's approach and style. They had never taken the necessary time to come to a mutual understanding.

As these revelations were discussed in the context of their profiles, both came to realize the tremendous strengths, and associated weaknesses, each brought to the table.

Their understanding of each other (and themselves) grew and with it their mutual respect and appreciation deepened.

Their opposing communications styles made them realize the reality behind the differences, and that they were not based on a right or wrong way of doing things. Through exercises they recognized how their opposing communication styles were actually valuable complements. The now appreciated that they needed each other.

Although the emotional side of their misunderstandings embarrassed them, they were relieved to find pragmatic strategies for adapting to each others' styles in a manner that was productive for their team efforts and long-term goals.


Using the advanced DISC behavioral style analysis reports, the two people involved were empowered to utilize an objective, neutral language with which to share their preferred communication styles.

Instead of making value judgments about their differences, they learned to understand the strengths and challenges of their own style - as well as the styles of others. Armed with this understanding, they not only gained insight but also learned to adapt to one another's behavioral style preferences.

Bottom Line:

A paralyzing leadership struggle turned into a true friendship (according to a letter received two months later). Each had something different, and valuable, to contribute to the projects important to both of them. The team has since soared.

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