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Division in the Ranks

A major information technologies firm is looking to increase its positioning in the market by providing stronger customer service. However, sharp disagreement exists between the Customer Service Managers and the actual Customer Service Representatives about what is required to accomplish this goal.


Top-level Management and Customer Service


Improve Customer Service.


Although the company had some problems with their products and services, the goal was to "give better customer service" while the problems were being ironed out. This was not working to plan, and the problem was assumed to be with the Customer Service Reps.


After analyzing styles of the group, we analyzed their perceptions of the CSR position. The questionnaires were completed individually (not in a group setting), with no discussion.

Remarkably, all of the Customer Service Reps responses agreed on the priorities for their position. However, their managers all agreed on entirely different priorities! To further the confusion, the other departments in the company had different priorities altogether.

While each group agreed internally on the position's priorities, each group had a different idea of the priorities of the position.


By coming to a consensus on the priorities for CSR, the goals for the CSRs came into focus across the board. Priorities were realigned with this specific knowledge.

Bottom Line:

A perceived problem focused on one group was really a company-wide conceptual problem.

Getting on the same map sounds easy, but requires a deeper understanding than simple "do's and don'ts" or "new rules and procedures"!

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