Data Dome Resources – The World According to DISC: DISC Shopping Styles

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The World According to DISC™: DISC Shopping Styles

While you take a breather on a mall bench, add DISC behavioral analysis to your people-watching...

Can you identify the Highest D in the crowd?

The assertive High D will be moving powerfully through the crowd. Look for falling people!

They are efficient shoppers: in, out, done.

If the whole scene is too frustrating and anger-producing (crowds, waiting in line, traffic and parking), they may simply delegate the shopping to someone else.

Their actual gifts may address what they consider to be a bottom-line productivity improvement for the recipient.

They may prefer to give gift certificates.

How about the Highest I?

For the High I, shopping is an event.

Like a kid in a candy shop, the High I gets excited about the experience of being out and about and shopping. From your bench, you may see them holding forth in an animated way near a glittering display. They may meet friends for coffee or snacks.

They may be frustrated if they don't get enough attention from salespeople.

They will often buy from emotion, so they may buy more than they should.

High I's may accidentally buy more than one gift for some people, and forget to get gifts for others.

They may buy gifts they like themselves, assuming that the recipients will like them too.

There will be some impulse buys, and trendy (even risky) selections.

The gifts may be chosen out of shared experiences, and to provide experiences: party and hospitality gear, bed and bath, candles and music.

Can you spot the Highest S?

You might not see them if the mall is really busy.

They don't like being rushed.

Much of their holiday shopping is already done - it started in July.

The High S at the mall can be found at the same trusted stores they habitually frequent.

The gifts they choose will be solid, reliable favorites, not risky or trendy in any way.

High S's may well prefer to stay home and make personalized gifts, or bake holiday treats for family and friends.

And what about the Highest C?

They will do a lot of research and comparison shopping to make sure they get the highest quality for the lowest price.

If they are shopping at the mall (rather than online), you'll see them at the specialty shops.

If they go to a department store, you'll see them decoding the actual terms of the sales coupon.

High C's might get bogged down in the details of weighing the relative merits of the mail-in rebate versus the instant rebate, the cost of the warranty versus the percentage of likely future repairs, and the like.

The Lows

None of this even considers the "Lows" - the Low D, I, S, and C - or how any of these factors can resonate with one another as a cluster in the same person, but this "broad-strokes" exercise might help you to appreciate (and adapt to) the differences among us as we all prepare for holidays and other shopping.

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