Data Dome Resources – The World According to DISC: Brushing Your Teeth

middle curve

The World According to DISC™: Styles of Brushing Teeth

Let’s do a poll on those timed toothbrushes! Here are our informed guesses about the way behavioral style might affect the way people brush their teeth:

  • High D’s always finish before the timer goes off, and wonder if they didn’t accidentally hit the button a second time. I mean, they’ve brushed twice already! With gusto!

  • The High I’s forget what they’ve brushed so far, and can be haphazard rather than thorough. If the phone rings in the middle of their brushing, they probably won't come back to finish.

  • The High C’s need more time to brush their teeth so that they can satisfy their feeling of having correctly and efficiently brushed according to the standards set forth by dentists.

  • The High S’s have a system and they brush their teeth the exact same way every time. First, the front of the upper teeth, then the front of the bottom teeth, then...
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