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Choosing the Right Career

[back to top]Why Many Graduates Do Not Use Their Degrees

Ever wonder why some people get law degrees and never practice law? How about the CPA who tried it awhile before realizing she just had to try something else? There are many doctors who do not practice. Why?

Parental influence? Improper research? Not enough information initially? Erroneous assumptions? Lack of foresight? All of the above?

Though companies base 80% of their hiring decision on education (including skills and experience), 85% of turnover is due to BEHAVIORAL incompatibility.

That is, the optimum behaviors for the position are too far removed from the comfortable behaviors the person prefers to exhibit. The occupational failures indicate these individuals did not realize what behaviors would have to be exhibited, or did not realize just how different those behaviors are from their own.

Changing behaviors, which can only be a temporary adjustment, requires energy, causes stress, or can be very frustrating to the individual.

[back to top]All of this takes away from the job itself.

People must first focus on change, then on those skills they learned for the job. It's not that they cannot do it - they just don't want to do it.

When the experts say 50% to 80% of the people are in the wrong job today, they are not talking about training or skills misplacement but about behavioral incompatibility. People have skills that can be applied to various fields in various industries. Whether education or experience is the teacher, skills mean little if they don't like doing what it takes.

[back to top]Understanding the difference between what we can do and what we want to do is of the utmost importance.

So many managers still can't understand why the employees they know can do the work are just not getting it done. The problem is usually from one of two conditions. Either they don't know what behaviors the company is looking for; or, if they do know, those behaviors are too far removed from the behaviors they prefer to exhibit. Though both are solvable, the latter is easier to prevent, and prevention is extremely beneficial to the bottom line.

[back to top]An ounce of prevention...

Today, there are several inexpensive assessments that help individuals identify their behavioral style and which positions (with Directory of Occupational Titles classifications) would generally be most compatible with that style.

For the investment in time and money, it is inexcusable to spend years in training and education without first assessing.

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