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DISC Behavioral Style Communication Tips

Have each person pick the top three preferred communication tips from the DISC behavioral style report.

Right now, what are the most important communication “do's and “don’ts" that others need to know to communicate with you?

  • Use them to kick off a meeting
  • Post them on the door or at the edge of a cubicle
  • Print the three tips on a teeshirt. Put the basic style graph on the back
  • Add them as a scrolling marquee screensaver
  • Create flashcards - When someone doesn’t honor that tip, have them signal

Some examples of communication tips:


  • Use an unemotional approach
  • Give time to analyze data before asking for a decision
  • Read body language for approval/disapproval
  • Refer to goals and results
  • Schedule in time for relating/socializing
  • Stick to business
  • Offer incentives for his/her willingness to take risks


  • Overuse gestures
  • Try to convince by “personal” means
  • Be curt or cold
  • Be patronizing
  • Stand too close
  • Waste his time or ramble on
  • Take credit for his/her ideas
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