Data Dome Presents:
The Power of Resilience

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The Power of Resilience

A vital 90 minute presentation for business leaders:
Strategies for success in difficult economic times.

Session dates: To Be Announced
Location: The Buckhead Club [get directions]
Attendance Fee: $49 (Includes parking and your meal at the Buckhead Club)

Learn the essential talent strategies that can turn a down economy into a golden opportunity.

"…smart leaders see downturns as having plenty of upside, too. Talent is cheaper. Companies can gain market share as others cut back. And savvy investments give bold players a head start when the economy picks up." – Business Week October 23, 2008

It seems that every day there is another shoe dropping in the financial markets. Unemployment is up, credit is tight and there is massive uncertainty in the air. The recession is beginning and it can be a stressful time for your business. But don’t despair…

You need to be proactive, especially in a downturn!

In response to these times Art Schoeck, Data Dome's founder and TTI Trainer of the Year, has prepared what may be the most important presentation you will attend this year.

Rather than passively allowing your business to become a victim of this economy, you will learn about the 5 essential tactics and tools that can help you to:
  • Watch out for trouble! Recognize the warning signs of waning morale before it impacts your business.
  • Row that boat together! Inspire focused collaboration to overcome fear and apathy.
  • Get rid of bad apples! Learn how to hire and fire to improve morale.
  • Grab the stars! Take advantage of the climate to upgrade your talent pool and be poised for growth when others are shrinking.
  • Sharpen those saws! Train, train, train to raise team effectiveness and productivity - and watch the positive effect it has on morale.

Sessions are forming now – reserve your space today!

(Space is limited to 14 attendees per session)

Meet your presenter:

Arthur G. Schoeck is the founder and CEO of Data Dome, Inc. Art received his BA in Psychology from Florida State University and did his post-graduate research in Behavioral Psychology at the University of Florida. Art recently received, for the second time, the prestigious TTI International Trainer of the Year Award (selected from over 7000 national trainers located in 50 countries). He was also awarded the TTI Humanitarian Award for Community Service and is recognized for his dedication to excellence. Entertaining and informative, Art's speaking engagements offer practical, effective solutions to such common problems as high turnover, personality conflicts and poor communication. In just the last few years, more than 19,000 executives, managers and employees have given an overwhelmingly positive response to his skill, wit and wisdom.

The time to act is NOW!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn the five essential tactics for maximizing the power of your people. The most successful companies know that now is the time to infuse their teams with the resiliency needed to weather the recession and build a foundation for powerful growth.

Session dates:
  • To Be Announced

Location: The Buckhead Club [get directions]
Attendance Fee: $49 (Includes parking and your meal at the Buckhead Club)

Register today or call 404-814-0739 to make your reservation.

Sessions are forming now.

Data DomeAbout Data Dome Inc. At Data Dome we recognize that your company's most precious assets are your people, and when it comes to people taking a “one size fits all” approach simply won’t get you the results you need. To build successful teams, to defuse toxic cultures, and to enable extraordinary achievement requires precise, nuanced, assessment information and skillful interpretation. Data Dome maintains a broad palette of the most advanced and objective assessments tools available anywhere. We work with you to select the tools that best fit your objectives, and then train you in how to use them so that you can solve any HR puzzle with the confidence that comes from having rich, accurate and actionable information.

Sessions are forming now – reserve your space today!

(Space is limited to 14 attendees per session)
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