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How to Get the Bad News You Need to Know

Quite often anyone who is in management, in any setting, senses that things are not running well. It is easy to sit back and do nothing, pretending that everything is okay, or to think, "If I do nothing, things will work out." This is a dangerous and sometimes fatal mistake for the well being of a company. This program will help you to discover how to do things better, such as improve customer service, increase company efficiency, retain your players, foster cooperation among teams, and achieve higher overall performance. This is sometimes viewed as "BAD News," but it is vital information if you are interested in keeping your key people and improving results. You can revitalize and excite a workforce with a simple survey that gives them a forum to share their ideas about what you could do better (much better) and what needs to change. You can increase sales and profits, and watch morale skyrocket. The real questions you have to ask yourself are: do you really want to hear the bad news and are you ready to do something about it? This can be an eye-opening experience that will change the course and success of your company forever.

Benefits to Participants

You will learn:

  • why the best information will not be shared on-line
  • the reason most of your work force is hesitant to share its ideas
  • how to take your company's pulse and interpret the results
  • what action to take to impact your company long term
  • how much better your company can be run with just a few changes
  • what to do today to ensure retention of key people
  • how to conduct a simple customer survey and increase the sales and profitably of the company
  • methods that will inspire and motivate your workforce

Flexible Delivery Options

  • Keynote Address, General Sessions, Meal Programs
  • Seminars/Webinars/Workshops/Breakouts

Who Will Benefit from Participation

This program will be valuable for any executive, manager, entrepreneur or professional who is interested in the growth and development of his company. It will be of particular importance to anyone who manages people and feels that his organization is not running as smoothly as it could - but is not quite sure why.

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