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How to Pay HIGHER Wages While LOWERING Labor Costs

Turnover - it's not even listed on your P&L, yet it's real and expensive! This "phantom expense" can be severe and poses a serious threat to the success and survival of the company. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. What's beneath - before you finally let them go - is poor performance, lower morale, decreased customer satisfaction, increased managerial focus and frustration. A major key to solving this problem is an analysis of how you spend your time in recruiting and hiring. Recognizing that the interviewing process is only 14% effective, we quickly see why many hiring mistakes are made. Wouldn't it be better to hire the "right faces in the right places" most of the time? The tools available today are too effective to ignore and will allow you to end the vicious cycle of poor recruiting and hiring techniques.

Turn off the "churn factor" and get into the motivation and retention game in a big way. Learn how to hire the right people the first time and the techniques needed to retain good people. Everyone talks about this problem, but rarely does anyone do anything about it. This program will give you the insights to change the entire direction of your wage and labor cost problems. You will leave this program prepared to implement new, relatively simple ideas that you never imagined possible.

Benefits to Seminar Participants

What you will gain from participation:

  • Learn how to calculate the cost of turnover -- the phantom expense.
  • Recognize the cost benefit of better hiring.
  • Gain easily-implemented methods to decrease turnover and increase performance.
  • Make recruiting easier and reduce churn in the process.
  • Learn interviewing and hiring practices to achieve a substantially higher success rate.
  • Hire the right employees the first time.
  • Apply new methods to keep employees happy, loyal and productive.
  • Make each and every employee a more valuable asset to your company.

Flexible Delivery Options

  • Keynote Address, General Sessions, Meal Programs
  • Seminars/Webinars/Workshops/Breakouts

Who Will Benefit

This program will be of interest to anyone in management at any level. It will be of particular interest to senior executives, managers, entrepreneurs and HR personnel who wish to reduce turnover in the workplace.

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