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Hands-On Seminar: People Strategy - How to Do More with Less and Increase Morale

This program is all about your people, from the management team right down to the entry-level person that you just hired. It is about performance, optimism, burnout prevention and basically creating a great work environment that will result in long-term employment.

There are many facets to this program. We start with assessment of the management team and a leadership review. Then we do the same for the sales team. These two leadership profiles lay the foundation for a very solid organization that will increase productivity and profits. It involves employees at all levels, starting with the basic concepts of great customer service and what impact it has on your business.

We help companies to help their employees thoroughly understand their jobs, define and establish their priorities in the workplace, and determine how they fit into the overall picture of the company.

Bringing the management team, the sales team and the employees together into one master plan is an exciting process that will dramatically impact your company.

Benefits to Participants

You will learn:

  • Why happy customers require happy employees
  • To determine the strengths and weaknesses of your management team and how to help them grow and work together more effectively
  • The culture of your sales team and how they can function more efficiently
  • The details of great customer service and understand how you can make this happen as an integrated process
  • To build a team of loyal, dedicated people who will stay with you and help you build an outstanding company
  • How to evaluate whether you have the "right faces in the right places"
  • Ways to accomplish more with less and really enjoy it

Flexible Delivery Options

  • On-site "hands on" seminar
  • Instruction-based seminar/workshop/webinar

Who Will Benefit From Seminar Participation

This program will be a valuable experience for anyone in management, at any level, including entrepreneurs and professionals who want to take their management teams and even their employees to the next level of performance.

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