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Objective Coaching for Leadership Development

Realize your maximum potential - a formalized development coaching approach for executives, upper management, and sales management

By now you have heard of corporate and professional coaching. Why Not YOU? How many Olympic champions have no coach? Our unique approach to coaching is confidential, flexible, accountable, and portable. We use assessments so that our recommendations are crafted for you alone - not simply another version of the vague statements repeated from one or another popular school of thought. We can show you - objectively - your strengths and weaknesses. Then we strategize with you to better capitalize on your strengths, and compensate for your blind spots - all this in terms of your personal needs and goals, and for your own unique situation and work environment. If you want to realize your potential, we can help.

Recommended Assessments for Initial Discovery

Behavioral Style - HOW I do what I do

  • How do I communicate with others?
  • How do I go about achieving my goals?
  • What type of work environment do I prefer?
  • How aware am I of my own style, especially my limitations and blind spots?
  • How aware am I of styles different from my own?
  • How do my preferences affect others around me?

Personal Interests & Values - WHY I do what I do, My Priorities and Passions

  • What drives and motivates me - what are my greatest needs?
  • What are my passions, and how must they be addressed so that I might better thrive and find fulfillment?
  • How do these passions affect my own decisions? How do they affect others?
For more information on the tools used to measure Personal Interests and Values see Workplace Motivators.


  • Thinking Style - How do I use my intellectual abilities to solve problems and make decisions?
  • Work Style and Motivations - How do I get the job done? What are potential effects of motivational influences on my job performance?
  • Interpersonal Influence and Control - How do I persuade, influence or supervise others?
  • Interpersonal Style - How do I approach and interact with other people?
  • Use and Effectiveness of Intellectual Abilities - How do I use my mental abilities and potential?
  • Components include: Thurstone's Test of Mental Alertness, Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, Progressive Matrices, EAS 1 Verbal Comprehension, and other components as required for specific jobs.

360-Degree Survey

  • This is an individually customized survey, to be completed (if desired) by those directly working with the participant.

Our Corporate Coaching program gives you a relationship with someone who:

  • Gives you the tools for your own professional and personal development.
  • Helps you move from functioning to higher functioning.
  • Is paid to tell you the absolute truth in a frank but non-threatening way.
  • Holds you accountable for better habits and strategy.
  • Has no attachment to power differentials or professional outcomes.
  • Is not affiliated with your company.
  • Isn't restricted by your geographical location.

What does Coaching Involve?

First, we have to understand your current passions and your methods for expressing them. This involves a self-evaluation of your behavioral style and your personal priorities and passions. We set a working agenda to determine key goals and methods. We then strategize with you to establish an action plan, track your progress, and hold you accountable to meet the goals we have set.

  • Personal Assessments custom-written to your behavioral style
  • Personalized one-on-one accountability coaching
  • Focus on leadership, management (and if applicable, sales), and general employment issues
  • Arrangements specifically designed around your schedule and needs

Three Levels of Continuous Coaching

  • Standard Level: Three 30-minute calls per month
  • Executive Level: Three 45-minute calls per month, email and on-call
  • Presidential Level: Three 60-minute calls per month, email, on-call and mentor breaks

We guarantee that any shared information will be held under a rigid standard of ethical confidentiality and will not be released to anyone without your permission.

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