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DISC: Train the Trainer Services

Give your coaching and development personnel the tools and training to improve multiple 'hot button' areas including: morale, performance, retention, team dynamics, succession planning and efficiency.

Does your company already have trainers, coaches, team development managers?
We can amplify their effectiveness with special Train-the-Trainer modules designed to fast-track the journey from classroom to real-world application.
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Even if your people are not DISC-certified they can use the power of DISC-based analysis to take on important issues.
We offer Train-the-Trainer modules for:

Further, if your organization is ready to start saving on facilitation costs by taking your trainers to the next level we offer Master DISC Certification.

All of our modules include the essentials of reading DISC style graphs and a thorough introduction to DISC Behavioral Style Analysis and Strategy.

[back to top]On-site 'Train the Trainer' modules:

Save on facilitation costs. Build internal value by giving your people the skills to face important people challenges in the workplace. Our Train-the-Trainer modules are each designed to quickly teach your staff what they need to know to make an impact in team building, leadership development, communication and sales training. Prior experience with DISC is not necessary, but even DISC certified trainers will benefit from the training's focus on how DISC applies to these specific situations.

  • [back to top]Team Building

    The Team Building module focuses on team dynamics and emphasizes what is needed to increase effectiveness.

    We will discuss how behavioral styles can impact team trust, communication and results. Participants will become clear about the impact of their style, how to leverage the styles of their team mates and how to minimize conflict and misunderstanding.

    This will be accomplished by understanding:
    • The DISC methodology
    • Team strengths and how to best utilize and leverage them
    • Team limitations and the impact they have on results
    • The value each member brings, characteristics that may be a challenge to others, and what each person needs in communication
    • Team adaptations needed to be more effective

  • [back to top]Leadership Development

    This Leadership Development module focuses on understanding the DISC style strengths and limitations one can have as a leader. We will discuss how behavioral styles can either build or hinder trust and engagement. Participants will determine new ways to adapt individual DISC behavioral styles that will lead to increased communication, stronger relationships, and better results.

    This will be accomplished by understanding:
    • The DISC methodology
    • The ideal leadership characteristics
    • DISC style strengths and how to best utilize them in leadership roles
    • DISC style limitations and where they constrain leaders
    • DISC profile adaptations to be a more effective leader

  • [back to top]Communication Insights

    This module, Communication insights, focuses on how to adapt an individual’s style and communication to meet the needs of others. We will discuss what engages and constrains effective communication with each of the DISC behavioral styles. Participants will go through a fun and interactive exercise to distinguish how to be more successful in their interactions with others.

    This will be accomplished by understanding:
    • The DISC methodology
    • What behaviors help or hinder your communication with others
    • What is important to each of the four styles in communication
    • The Do’s and Don’ts of communication with each DISC style
    • How to adapt your DISC style and presentation to be more effective

  • [back to top]Behavioral Selling with DISC

    "Customers buy from people they like." The Behavioral Selling with DISC module focuses on how to create optimal customer interactions. We will discuss behaviors that instantly connect with customers to form stronger relationships that lead to more closed sales. We will learn how to quickly assess a customers’ style and how to effectively adapt your communication to meet their needs. Participants will distinguish their most challenging customers and how to adapt their approach.

    We will accomplish this by understanding:
    • The DISC methodology
    • Your primary DISC style and where it helps or hinders your sales results
    • How to quickly recognize a customer’s behavioral style and what they need from you
    • The "style match" and the likelihood of a successful interaction
    • How to adapt your selling approach to be more successful

  • [back to top]Custom Module Development and Training

    Businesses are dynamic entities with changing needs. If you have a particular issue that doesn't fit one of our current modules or you have a need to combine modules to tackle multiple issues at once give us a call at 404-814-0739. We can work with you to design a module that uses behavioral and motivational insights to get solid results.

[back to top]Experiential DISC Behavioral Style Training: CPBS Certification

Have your trainers and coaches DISC Certified!

DISC Behavioral Style Strategist Certification is a behaviorally based communication training that includes an on-site or online seminar, textbook, one-on-one sessions, and a final examination. Participants learn how to communicate more effectively, using the DISC language to understand themselves and appreciate the value of different styles.

Unlike most other DISC training, our method doesn't just give you the broad-strokes characteristics of a High D, High I, High S, and High C. You will attain a dynamic understanding of DISC profiles and behavioral styles that uses the position of all four graph points (high and low) and how they interact with one another.

You will be empowered to apply DISC analysis in the workplace - ethically and effectively - for solutions that benefit everyone.


  • What is DISC? (and what it is NOT)
  • Benefits of Behavioral Analysis
  • Brief History of the Language
  • Defining and Learning the Language
  • Reading the DISC Profile Graphs
  • Recognizing DISC Behavioral Styles
  • Reading the Language
  • Blending the Language
  • Selling to Style
  • Understanding Behavioral Adjustments to the Job / Work Environment
  • Identifying Potential Stress Problems
  • Aligning Behavioral Expectations with the Boss
  • Seeing Everyday Events in a New Light
  • Applications of the Language

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Meet our Train-the-Trainer facilitator:

Lisa A. Bouchard is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst who brings over 15 years of experience applying DISC tools to the business world. Her rare ability to relate at all levels of the organization, from the board room to the shop floor, has made her a change agent for clients in the consumer goods, banking, health care, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries. Prior to her consulting work she spent 13 years in sales management giving her a focus on real-world results that is uncommon in the training arena – she knows "where the rubber meets the road". Lisa's energetic and dynamic trainer style will lead you to achieve new levels of insight and capability.

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