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Over 40% of the people who take our DISC certification are already certified in Myers-Briggs and 50% already have been DISC certified by another organization.

Why do they choose Data Dome for Master DISC Certification?

The difference is in the depth of training and the level of mastery that only comes from the one-on-one experience.

DISC Behavioral Style Training

[back to top]Experiential DISC Behavioral Style Training: CPBS Certification

Get DISC Certified!

DISC Behavioral Style Strategist Certification is a behaviorally based communication training that includes an on-site or online seminar, textbook, one-on-one sessions, and a final examination. Participants learn how to communicate more effectively, using the DISC language to understand themselves and appreciate the value of different styles.

Unlike most other DISC training, our method doesn't just give you the broad-strokes characteristics of a High D, High I, High S, and High C. You will attain a dynamic understanding of DISC profiles and behavioral styles that uses the position of all four graph points (high and low) and how they interact with one another.

You will be empowered to apply DISC analysis in the workplace - ethically and effectively - for solutions that benefit everyone.


  • What is DISC? (and what it is NOT)
  • Benefits of Behavioral Analysis
  • Brief History of the Language
  • Defining and Learning the Language
  • Reading the DISC Profile Graphs
  • Recognizing DISC Behavioral Styles
  • Reading the Language
  • Blending the Language
  • Selling to Style
  • Understanding Behavioral Adjustments to the Job / Work Environment
  • Identifying Potential Stress Problems
  • Aligning Behavioral Expectations with the Boss
  • Seeing Everyday Events in a New Light
  • Applications of the Language

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[back to top]Graph Reading 101: Introduction to DISC Behavioral Style Analysis and Strategy

In a highly competitive global economy where much of the technology is the same, maximizing your people - your human resources - will quite likely be the factor that makes the difference among companies.

Learn about behavioral styles, get insight into yourself and learn to understand and communicate better with others using knowledge-based style adjustment.

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[back to top]Advanced DISC Behavioral Style Analysis and Strategy Refresher

  • Understand the strengths, challenges, and weaknesses of your behavioral style.
  • Read the graphs - why they move, and what questions to be asking.
  • Create an ideal behavioral job description.
  • Engineer great teams that work well together.
  • Coach more effectively with an understanding of behavioral styles.
  • Sell/manage/work with diverse styles with less stress!

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[back to top]You Cannot Learn DISC Properly in a Classroom

Nobody else offers anything like our experiential training.

Living DISC is all around you. DISC is a neutral language to describe what you experience every day in your interactions with others. Like any new tool, it requires practice and application.

That's why we have coaching sessions to help you integrate your understanding of DISC. What have you experienced or discovered this week? How can an understanding of DISC help you to understand and adapt?

The Golden Rule is an insightful ethical standard, but it doesn't apply to communication methods. You will learn to deal with others in the way they would prefer to be treated, not just in the way that you prefer.

Effective communication stems from the right combination of tone of voice, words, body language, and pace of speech and actions. These four areas are the components of a person's behavioral style. Understanding styles corrects misconceptions, miscommunications and misunderstandings. Using the techniques of our training and coaching, you will attain expertise in opening the different doors of communication for better relationships and work environments.

You'll be trained by an expert in the field of behavioral strategy who has trained thousands of individuals in the concepts and applications of behavioral analysis. Upon successful completion of the program and the certification examination, you will receive the CPBS (DISC Certified DISC Behavior Analyst) Certificate.

Who Would Benefit

Anyone who uses - or would like to use - DISC Behavioral Style in the workplace.

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • HR
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Team Leaders
  • Sales and Sales Management

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Call Art Schoeck at 404-814-0739 to schedule your certification training.

Small groups can arrange for their training to be held on-site.

Benefits of DISC Certification

[back to top]Become DISC Certified - Be the Expert!

  • Discover why the key to performance optimization is an understanding of self, others, and the job.
  • Gain specific communication strategies to use with each of the different behavioral tendencies.
  • Attain self knowledge with personalized behavioral style assessment.
  • Identify and recognize major tendencies of different behavioral styles.
  • Accept and appreciate the value of different styles.
  • Understand the relative compatibilities of each style.
  • Recognize the needs of others and learn which communication behaviors cause misunderstanding, frustration and reduced performance.
  • Understand how others process information, what is needed to thrive and be motivated, and how different styles respond to change.
  • Explore the similarities styles share regardless of cultural differences.
  • Understand how style influences the way individuals experience stress.
  • Motivate others toward greater productivity.
  • Capitalize on talent and integrate specific strengths into organizational and team roles.
  • Appreciate the impact of style differences on the conflict management process.
  • Learn about the six basic hidden motivators and the drive behind each one.
  • Become an expert in position benchmarking using the style of the job itself.
  • Learn how to use the most advanced behavioral style analysis model for your specific purposes.

[back to top]Gain Insight into Yourself, and Strategies for Knowledge-based Behavioral Style Adaptation

  • Understand your "native tongue," your most natural communication style.
  • Send the messages you mean to send - how we deliver verbal and nonverbal messages.
  • Become aware of the adjustments made in response to the work environment, streamlining them into more natural and fruitful responses.
  • More effectively capitalize on the strengths of your style and decisively navigate the areas which are not naturally your strengths.
  • Identify your behavioral style liabilities, and compensate for them.
  • Make blind spots visible with specific feedback.
  • Productively differentiate between task management and relationship building.

[back to top]Understand and Communicate with Others More Effectively

  • Identify those with different behavioral tendencies and decode visual and verbal signs of behavioral language.
  • Adapt your behaviors to optimize your approach toward different styles by utilizing communication and motivation style preferences.
  • Avoid communication mistakes that lead to misinterpretation.
  • Successfully direct behavior-based interactions.
  • Influence and motivate others who don't seem to think the same way you do.
  • Separate behaviors and intentions to create dynamic responses to what you see and hear.
  • Translate strong emotions into workplace intelligence.
  • Recognize and practice interpersonal skills that promote success with others.

[back to top]Apply What You Learn to Specific Situations

  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Team Building Productivity
  • Engagement and Commitment
  • Coaching
  • Sales
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Productivity
  • Motivation
  • Change Management
  • Job Selection
  • Career Planning
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting

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Call 404-814-0739 to schedule your certification training.

For an introduction to our DISC behavioral style analysis and strategy, schedule a Graph Reading 101 Workshop (held monthly in Atlanta, on-site or via webinar). Or, if you already use our Advanced DISC Profiles, schedule a Refresher Workshop or Webinar. Call 404-814-0739 for more information and to reserve a space.

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