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Seminars and Webinars

Data Dome’s seminars and webinars are customized to meet your organization’s needs. We have the tools and research to address your concerns and your goals. We are constantly updating our seminars based on the ongoing process of meeting the evolving requirements of our clients.

Top-Notch Training:

Learn from the best! Classes are conducted by members of our faculty featuring Lisa Bouchard.

Seminar and Webinar Topics

Corporate People Strategies: Hiring, Developing, Optimizing, Retaining, HR

Sales: Assessing, Motivating, Effective Selling, Hiring Top Performers

  • The DISC Doorway: Effective Selling with Behavioral Style Adjustment Strategy (pdf)
  • Leveraging Hidden Motivators for Increased Sales: Passions, Priorities and Values (pdf)
  • Sales Skills Series: Business to Business Relationship Selling Skills (pdf)
  • Totally Sales: Everything You Really Wanted to Know about Sales but Didn't Know to Ask (hard&soft skills/passions/knowledge)
  • Hiring Salespeople - How to Break the 80/20 Sales Law and Actually Have More Top Performers!
  • Should I Keep My Current Sales People? How to Assess if They Can Sell Past Their Old
  • Contacts
  • How to Define What You Need in Your Next Hire
  • Benchmarking by DISC Style
  • Passions & Priorities: Precision Motivation for Managing and Selling
  • Building Bridges to More Effective Communication
  • How to Keep Your Best From Leaving - Predicting Turnover - Learn What You Can Do About It
  • How to Get the Wrong Employees Off the Bus - Voluntarily!

Management and Motivation

  • Passions & Priorities: Precision Motivation for Managing and Selling
  • (HR) Understanding Competencies, Behaviors, Motivations and the Overriding Factor
  • C-level Leaders' Thought Forum: What You Need to Know About Your Employees to Get to the Next Level
  • What You Need to Know About Yourself to Get to the Next Level!
  • Awareness & Attitude - The Overriding Factor of How We Currently Apply Ourselves
  • How to Implement and Manage Change
  • Why Good Employees DON'T Tell You What You Need to Know! And How to Find Out
  • Putting the Right Faces in the Right Places
  • Building Bridges to More Effective Communication
  • Manage Your Time Without Wasting More Time
  • Innovative Team Engineering
  • Empowered Management: Communication, Performance, and Environment
  • How to Define What You Need in Your Next Hire
  • Innovative Team Engineering
  • Outstanding Customer Service / Call Center Communication
  • Benchmarking by DISC Style
  • The Right Way to Downsize
  • Heal and Prevent Burnout
  • How to Keep Your Best From Leaving - Predicting Turnover - Learn What You Can Do About It
  • How to Get the Wrong Employees Off the Bus - Voluntarily!

Meet the Faculty

Lisa A. Bouchard

Lisa A. BouchardA dynamic trainer, Lisa A. Bouchard is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst who brings over 15 years of experience applying DISC tools to the business world. Her rare ability to relate at all levels of the organization, from the board room to the shop floor, has made her a change agent for clients in the consumer goods, banking, health care, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries. Prior to her consulting work she spent 13 years in sales management giving her a focus on real-world results that is uncommon in the training arena – she knows "where the rubber meets the road". Lisa's energetic and dynamic trainer style will lead you to achieve new levels of insight and capability.

Sara Cegelski

Sara CegelskiTraining Consultant, Sara Cegelski, has a 20+-year track record as a consultant, facilitator, speaker and instructional designer. She has facilitated training programs for numerous clients worldwide in corporate, educational and not-for-profit sectors, focusing on topics related to workplace communications, management and leadership. Sara’s areas of specialization include DISC behavioral style, performance management, supervisory skills, conflict management, customer service, team communications, ethical decision making, leadership development and train-the-trainer. Sara’s engaging, high-energy style and ability to relate individually to each participant make her sessions memorable and effective.

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