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Seminar Feedback: BellSouth and Hewlett Packard

When conducting seminars, Data Dome uses a base template of feedback questions to gauge effectiveness and provide suggestions for continued improvement.

Following are some of the actual seminar participant feedback and group statistics by two major companies: BellSouth and Hewlett-Packard.

Seminar Feedback from Bell South

Following is a consolidation of feedback from a series of seminars hosted by Data Dome for BellSouth. The typical seminar was held for 4 hours and consisted of approximately 15 participants. 189 BellSouth seminar participants returned evaluations.

1. What was most valuable about today's seminar?

  • Learning Data Dome's Behavioral Model

    "Being made aware of my Boss's style, as well as co-workers."

    "Learning about different behaviors and the kind of behavioral style that I am."

  • Improved Communications

    "Learning how to adjust my style to be more effective in working with others."

    "How to relate to other types and understand why they may react differently than what you're used to."

    "Learning how to evaluate the type of customer and how to interact with this individual (based upon my style)."

  • Profiles & Analysis

    "Learning what my profile is and how it pertains to my job."

  • Self Improvement

    "More in-depth knowledge of my social styles and how to best position with various customers."

    "Better understanding of how I'm perceived by others."

2. How do you feel this will help in improving your work situation?

  • Improved Communications

    "Understand why others react in certain ways."

    "Learning how to effectively communicate with other styles."

    "To work better with others by changing my style to closer match theirs."

  • Self Improvement

    "Focusing on improving weaknesses."

    "Knowing how others might perceive me and what things I need to improve on!"

  • Improved Team Performance

    "Help me work with my new manager."

    "Very good team building."

  • Improved Sales

    "Understand how to deal with styles of customers."

    "Understanding different approaches to people."

  • Improved Managing

    "Lets my supervisor know what he's dealing with."

    "It will help me work more effectively with my team and the managers who report to me."

    "Allows me the opportunity to evaluate how to individually handle employees most effectively."

  • What had not been covered?

    80% responded everything had been covered.

    Of the remaining 20%, 71% responded they would have liked more time and/or exercises...

Seminar Feedback from Hewlett Packard

We asked 212 Hewlett-Packard seminar participants:

1. What was most valuable about today's seminar?

  • Self Improvement & Understanding

    "Understanding why I react the way I do and why others react the way they do."

    "Put into perspective my own strengths and weaknesses."

  • Improved Communications

    "Insight into what makes the different styles 'tick,' and how to adjust to deal with each of them."

    "It's a valuable class for anyone who needs to work with other people."

  • Working With Others/Group

    "Reviewing my personal behavior traits and comparing it to those of my co-workers."

    "Getting to know each others' and manager's styles."

  • Learning About DISC

    "Learning about behavioral instincts and changes to environment (workplace) behavior."

    "Seeing the detailed description on behavior in a social vs. business environment."

  • The Behavioral Profiles

    "Examining the various profiles - very enlightening, while validating."

    "I like the Data Dome Model (Much better than Myers-Briggs!)"

  • General Feedback

    "The workshop put on paper in black and white information that I was aware of but helped to point in the direction to make changes."

  • Working Environment

    "Awareness of problems that exist between how the job is defined and how I perceive the job."

    "Awareness of job requirements versus our perception of how we perform."

2. How do you feel this will help in improving your work situation?

  • Working With Others

    "I [will] work better knowing what my manager's style is - I can better communicate with him."

    "Better understanding of my peers, my manager, and the people in my team."

  • Self Improvement

    "By knowing my Strengths & Weakness, and what to look for, I should be able to perform in my life and my job much better."

    "I understand my style now and will work on not taking things so personally."

  • Communications

    "Makes you think about how you can most effectively deal with others."

    "Won't be intimidated by more forceful styles."

  • Working Environment

    "A lot for reestablishing work distribution and having people do what they best could do comfortably."

    "Now I know what to expect from my boss and how I need to adapt to her."

  • Better Managing Others

    "It will help me learn what motivates my Sales Reps ad how to interact with them best."

    "Will use this new awareness and probably run my staff through this class."

3. Effectiveness of the Seminar?

  • How effective were the workshop materials?

    92% of the participants gave high marks.

  • How effective was the presenter?

    98% of the participants gave high marks.

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