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Having Lisa Bouchard conduct DISC Behavior Styles sessions has been the best thing we have done at our General Manager Regional Meetings. The focus was on the GMs learning their DISC behavioral styles with a goal of going back to their restaurants with an awareness of how their behavioral style directly affects how they lead their team and produce results.

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Marriott International

Lisa Bouchard and her team are true business partners. Lisa’s knowledge, passion, and desire are like none I have ever seen. She truly understands the customer and provides a customized program that fits their specific needs! Our participants state that the sessions are life-changing and that they have been able to connect with clients, peers, associates as well as their bosses like never before.

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Labor shortage? Look to next decade

By the end of this decade, you’re going to walk into your favorite store or call up your supplier and find you’re dealing with someone who’s older or far more ethnic than you remember. Or, you may find there’s no one there at all.

Warnings of dramatic changes in the composition of the American work force

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Choosing the Right Career


Why Many Graduates Do Not Use Their Degrees

Ever wonder why some people get law degrees and never practice law? How about the CPA who tried it awhile before realizing she just had to try something else? There are many doctors who do not practice. Why?

Parental influence? Improper research? Not enough

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Hiring Hourlys for Hospitality

PERSONALITY MATTERS Art Schoeck helps restaurants make hiring decisions

-By Suzanne Wright


Art SchoeckArt Schoeck photo credit Spark St. Jude “Just like any other industry, restaurants are looking for low turnover and high-quality service,” says Art Schoeck, president of Data Dome.


Art Schoeck, behavioral strategist and president of Data Dome, says 80 percent of hiring

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Motivating: Not All Fun and Games

Motivate: v. To stimulate to action, provide with an incentive or motive.

Spurring employees to action is an age-old problem employers have been attempting to address for ages. How do we get employees to do what WE want them to do? This has proven difficult for a number of reasons.

The crux of the problem is the central

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What Is a DISC Profile?

Sample Reports and DISC Profiles

If you manage others in your organization and have purchasing authority, you may qualify for a free DISC profile behavioral style assessment. Use our contact form to order. We also offer a complimentary needs assessment (call us at 404-814-0739), and you can download sample DISC profiles and behavioral style reports from our sample

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Successful Selling is More Than Personality

‘Boy, can they talk! Boy, can they sell!’


Many more can talk than can sell.

Did you ever hire someone because they sounded so great – presented themselves so well – you thought they could do anything? But six months later, you’re tired of hearing how great they sound, you just want some results?

Why? What went wrong?


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